Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Windy Busy Veterans' Day

With it being Veteran's Day, looking outside at the Toy Story Parking Lot, it was filling up fast! So I knew I had to get myself out of bed so I get try and be there when Disney California Adventure opened. Because I did not want to deal with parking, I decided to walk because it usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

When i got to the bag check tent, there were only two tents open and it was busy. I found a line that looked reasonable and it only took three minutes to get through.

By now, it is roughly 10:04 and just looking at the entry gate, it already looks busy!

Getting inside, I notice how "open" the plaza looks

Trees have been cleared from the area

The Little Mermaid still under construction

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

I didn't get a gondola view of the Malliboomer platform, but from what I saw, it looked roughly the same as last week

Looking across the bay from underneath Silly Symphony Swings. Once again, all the platforms are down.  Hopefully this means they fully fixed the problem!

The Jumping Jelly fish received a new voice-over. This time it sounds like a 9 year old girl. Or maybe it's suppose to be Betty Boop!?  I dunno.

Aluminum Arches!

Looking at the Christmas Tree in Paradise Pier

Soon the view of this will change a bit. I was waiting for a friend around the Paradise Pier billboards to join me and I overheard two Cast Members talk about in the coming week the safety rails that are in the down position along the launch will now be in the raised position when the ride is in operation.

The railings along the Alice in Wonderland vine come to mind when I heard that!

Looking at the Christmas Tree from Screamin's launch

An exit sign

An enter sign

Obviously the new signs were needed to show the heavy crowds where to queue up to see Duffy!

A View never seen before

Another view never seen before

Work continues on the Hyperion sign

A rope keeps me back

Can see all the way to Cars Land from Hollywood

I am liking the green star burst effect on the sign

For the first time I am getting ready to see the 11:30am showing of this mess

Oh how nice, a hidden Mickey!

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 11:30 showing has been canceled". What?! Did they finally get a cease and desist order ?!

Heading out to Disneyland

Snowflakes above the Disneyland turnstiles

Christmas comes to Main Street U.S.A.

In the distance it looks like I see a walled up Tomorrowland

Buzz Lightyear is closed for a small refurbishment. Apparently the work being done is mainly in the queue and station

Small World Mall

The wall has been taken down from the Mickey fountain

The clock and animatronics are moving without sound. But with a lot of Cast Members out front setting up rope queue and in the station, it looks like a chance that "it's a small world" would open today instead of tomorrow

Killing some time in the toy shop. How adorable!

The new Small World holiday sign

After some time waiting, decided to go check out other things.

Pirates of the Caribbean's queue reached all the way over by Cafe Orleans

Didn't decorations use to go across one roof top to the next

The handicapped line for Pirates

Whoa! Wasn't there a tree here before? I wonder why they removed it

This isn't a great picture spot with that light pole in the way

Heading back to see if "it's a small world" is open, and it was!

Some LED on the Eiffel tower

And some more LED in the Africa scene

Looks like new ribbon on the wreaths

It's getting a bit to busy for me, so I am heading out

A few shots from across the way

Walking back

With the spokes in all directions, could that possibly mean that the top of the mountain will be "3D"?

That's it for today
Thanks for looking!

Until next time...


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