Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caution: Construction At Play

It's that day of the week again! :)   I was able to get up early this morning and head straight for the Disneyland Resort. With a light fog this morning, I thought it was going to be a bit cooler than what it turned out to be. Because I had woken up early, I decided to walk to the Resort instead of drive. As I am walking, I notice that there is still a haze in the sky. I am hoping that it burns off fairly quickly, but it doesn't.

So I get to the Resort and it's a light crowd getting through the bag check

Looking at Disney California Adventure as I pass the ticket booths

Work starting on the removal of the mural above Greetings from California

What's missing from here?! Oh that's right, palm trees. I believe they were taken out Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning

Ariel's Underwater Sea Adventure under construction

Doesn't look like much is being done at the moment with Goofy's Sky Skool

Seems like the platform is taking more time to get rid of than the three towers were

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Did you see all the haze in those pictures. UUUGGGHHHH!

Ok, so I am now backtracking.  I am all over the place today, not following the regular route I take

Looking at the building that will house The Little Mermaid attraction

Tower of Terror off in the distance

4 days and counting!

California Screamin's now is required to have to guard rails up during operation of the attraction.  When I mentioned this last week about it possibly coming, there were some people who couldn't believe it would happen. Many thought that it would only be raised so they can repaint them with the new blue color.

It looks like this policy may be more for Cast Member safety than anything.  Before, from what I can gather,  only during evauations, were these railing in the raised up.  One of the mechanic Cast Members for the attraction would have to come out and manually raise and eventually lower them.  So maybe the new policy has something to do with the potential of falling off the platform while walking out there to raise them. 

Looking across the bay at The Little Mermaid building

Poor Duffy! Out there all alone

Another shot looking where the palm trees once stood

I think I am going to Hollywood. I want to check out the Tron light cycle prop

And there it is!

Will I ever get to see this show!?  Do I even want to?? I have no desire to, but feel obligated to. Ha ha.

From what is seen, it appears that the Hyperion sign looks to be completed

A tunnel to Guest Relations


Another shot of the walls around Guest Relations and Greetings


Happy Birthday Mickey!

Buzz Lightyear just opened up after a small refurbishment

New carpet was installed

But it only appears to be in the first preshow portion of the queue...

... and at the final exit turn

The carpet may be a small solution for when it rains. With the old bubble-top flooring, Guests would easily slip once their wet shoes came into contact with the slippery floor. With this new carpet, it may help reduce that by soaking up most of that water from their shoes and dripping ponchos

I think it should have extended down the exit ramp as well

I walked by "it's a small world" and you could hear the sound of the tick-tock, but the clock face wasn't moving!

Hi Ms Claus!

Santa Clause can be found in this cabin


For those that may have missed it, new animated video of pumpkins can now be seen at the base of the ginger bread table center piece

Still no strands going across.  Maybe their budget went those the new holiday festive Mardi Gras masks

Not to bad of a day with wait times

Jingle bells adorn the horse

Fortuosity store with some Christmas decorations

I think someone mistaken this Main Street for an actual Main Street

Hey, it's "Jingles" again

Heading out now and looking across the Plaza

Walking along Harbor Blvd and Katella to check out the construction for CarsLand

Before we go...
For you shopping convenience...

The Nerd Goofy shirt states "If you want to party, get with Smarty"

I don't know about anyone else, but I can not stand the Mickey Mouse ice cream on a stick. So this hat doesn't do anything for me.

Mickey Mouse, our shinning star!

That's it for today
Thanks for looking!

Because next week is Thanksgiving, with the crowds expected, I may not make it next week for a pictorial

Until next time...

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