Thursday, November 25, 2010

El Capitan Presents "Tangled" - November 24, 2010

On November 24, 2010, a friend and I went to go see Disney's latest animated feature "Tangled" at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood, California. And I have three words to say for anyone willing to listen ... "Go See It!".  Just like Toy Story 3, I had my doubts about the film.  With the trailers seemingly focusing on Flynn adventures, plus the name change of "Rapunzel" to it's current title "Tangled", I was hesitant on purchasing tickets in advance.  After reviews for "The Princes and the Frog" (which I loved) were so-so, I was afraid that "Tangled" will not live up to classics as "The Little Mermaid", "Bambi", "The Jungle Book", "The Lion King", etc. Then one day, I got a mailer and after some thought I decided to purchase tickets for the film.  And I am glad I did!

For the story of Rapunzel, I knew very little of the fairy tale. The only thing I knew for certain was of a girl  with long hair who was locked away in a tower, but I never got familiar with this story as I did Snow White or Cinderella and others. But reading up on the Grimm's story, the Disney version seems to be completely different as though they just took the main ingredients of the story (Rapunzel and her long hair, Mother Gothel, and a handsome male role) and created a new spin on it.

I won't really spoil it for anyone, but I think the story was face paced, the animation was beautiful, and the music was good. By far, my favorite song from the movie is "Mother Knows Best".  I kept singing it after leaving the theater.

Below are pictures of El Capitan and the Preshow.

Here, looking at the animated marquee for "Tangled"

Looking up above the marquee, a small tower with Rapunzel and Flynn hanging out from it

Everyone who saw it at the El Capitan theater got a free commemorative coin celebrating the 50th animated motion picture.

In true Disney fashion, a small preshow was presented before the film.

"Mickey Mouse, everybody near and far knows your name..."

"...It won't take long when there is a song to help you set the pace..."

"...When dancing at the ball she'll be more beautiful than all..."

"One jump ahead of the slow pokes, one jump ahead of my doom..."

"...Life is your restaurant and I am your maitre d'... "

"...Tranquil as a forest, but a fire within..."

"...Mysterious as the dark side of the moon..."

"I got no strings to hold me down..."

"...I had strings on me, but now I am free..."

"Hooray for Hollywood..."

And now our newest family members...

Rapunzel and Flynn!

Thanks for looking

Until next time!

For samples of the soundtrack, check out

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