Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday at the Disneyland Resort

While others are out shopping out on "Black Friday" for the deals, I decided to go check out the Disneyland Resort.

Getting to Disney California Adventure 9:47am

The palm trees on along Greetings! were removed

Looking back, while waiting for the "rope drop"

The Little Mermaid construction

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Looking at the back side of the Disney Channel Rocks! stage

Waiting for Disney Channel Rocks! to start

The World of Color water fountains are used at the beginning of the show

Song from different Disney Channel shows are sung to the crowd

Ending of the show

Paved discs cover the areas where palm trees once stood

You can now walk to Tower of Terror and A Bug's Land from Hollywood Pictures Backlot

The trolley tracks curving around the bend

The Kellogg's cart is now here in Hollywood Pictures Backlot, and it doesn't really seem to fit the area

Found Lost and Found!

Heading to Disneyland

Crowds going in

Crowds among the street

It looks like Astro Orbitor may be closed for a couple of months due to "technical difficulties". Some minor repairs may need to be in order.

Adventureland crowded

The Standby was on the left side, while FastPass was on the right. But it looks like Big Thunder did a switch. Yesterday they were doing an experiment in their queue, which was not working out like they thought. And after experiencing it, it seemed more like what you might find at Walt Disney World.

This is a rough drawing of the test they were doing yesterday on Thanksgiving. What was flawed was that the standby queue took up both sides after the trestle and before turnstyles.  One the standby got past the old "Merge" point, the lines started to meld together and finally funneling through the right side turnstyle. It made it almost like an onramp to a freeway. The left side turnstyle was dedicated to just FastPass.

What they should have done was just move the "Merging Point" up by the turnstyles. When FastPass Guests came, stop both standby lines, let the FastPass Guests chose which staircase to use and then once cleared, the Cast Member would start moving the standby line.

Heading out, looking across the way

Advertisements for Aulani

Walking along Harbor Blvd.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out

Until next time...

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