Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Hot Day, Low Crowds

Oh man, what a day it was today. It's the beginning of November and all this week it has been in the 90's. Of course, it is not suppose to cool down until the weekend. Normally I don't mind the heat, but today it was starting to get a little uncomfortable

-Disney California Adventure-

The C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A letters got their annual candy cane letter overlay with Mickey and Goofy

The Golden Gate Bridge all decked out with Christmas lights and wreath likely for the last time

The walls have been pushed out towards the parade route at the Sunshine Plaza

The ElecTRONica stage has been pushed out too

Sunshine Plaza with its minimal Christmas decorations

As you can see, for the time being there is no parade viewing where the walls are

Because of the heat, there was hardly anyone around

As you can begin to see, the sheathing has been cut out with a design

Another view of the cut sheathing

Mulholland Madness with a majority of its mural gone!

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

World of Color platforms lowered beneath the water

Even with the heat, and what little crowd there was, Toy Story Midway Mania had about a 15-20 min wait

Another view of the 3 World of Color platforms fully submerged

Looking over at The Little Mermaid attraction

The gazebo has been replaced with a Christmas Tree

With the 60's bubbly surf music gone and replaced with a more 1920's era music,  I think it would be cool if Paradise Pier played Christmas music

Flik's Fun Fair getting decorated with its Christmas theme

Ouch! What happened here!

Giant ornaments and lights decorate the land

The Trolley tracks going around the corner

Some new parade lights

More tracks have been exposed!

What are those brown boxes?

They appear to possibly be speaker boxes for the parades

Work being done on the lower portion of the marquee of the Hyperion

A new set of parade speakers

Some more new parade lights

Looking down at the Hollywood Tower Hotel

Wasn't there a curb here? Or was it always flat?

Until it disappears, High School Musical is being presented on the ElecTRONica stage

As you can see, the walls wrap all the way around to the parade gates

Workers working on the Hyperion marquee sign


Everything looks to be back to normal, until you turn the corner

And see the snow covered Castle

The scaffolding has been taken down

New chandeliers adorn the Disney Clothiers store

Christmas does still exist in the future!

It really is dead here at Disneyland because there was no line for Finding Nemo!

The Clock received its Santa hat

ToonTown is getting into the spirit of the holidays

Mickey got some new Christmas lights this year instead of the garland in the past

Walking by, it seems like they were just letting people queue up in the shade to meet Rapunzel and Flynn

Is this place open?! I hear music coming from the stage, but there is no one there eating!

Christmas comes to Frontierland

The Mark Twain had front row seating still available!

It's nice to see that Splash Mountain only had a 10 min wait

That's it for today's pictorial

I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time...

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  1. Thanks, Mint. I look forward to your updates every Thursday afternoon. Truly the bright spot each and every week. Thanks for braving the heat today.