Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Epic Mickey

Less than a week before Epic Mickey, the the "Best Wii Game" (based on IGN's E3 2010: Best of Awards) hits store shelves.

Epic Mickey is the latest Mickey game for the Nintendo Wii game console. The game is designed by Waren Spector and developed by Junction Point Studios and published by Disney Interactive Studios.

We see that Mickey had fallen asleep while reading Lewis Carroll's story "Alice Through the Looking Glass". And one morning Mickey suddenly got up and headed to his bedroom mirror, as though someone or something was calling him towards it. Mickey notices that he this is no ordinary mirror and he is able to step right through it into another world.

Mickey tip toes around and soon finds himself in a Sorcerer's study. The Sorcerer's name is Yen Sid (the same one that appeared in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Walt Disney's animated film "Fantasia"). Yen Sid has been working on a project, "a world for things that have been forgotten".  After Yen Sid retreats to bed, Mickey became curious and started to play with the magic paint brush that Yen Sid had been using.

Suddenly, Mickey creates this black blob and when it comes after him, he panics and tries to get rid of it. Yen Sid becomes aware of the commotion in his study and after he investigates, he notices that the world he had created with the magic paint brush was damaged. Years pass and the black blob soon finds Mickey Mouse and pulls him into the world that had been forgotten.  Now it is up to Mickey, along with some friends to help save the "Wasteland".

In this new adventure, we see many of the old characters that had been "forgotten". Among the cast, we meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney), Ortensia (Oswald's girlfriend), Horace Horsecollar, Clarabell Cow, Smee (from Peter Pan), Lonesome Ghosts, and many more.

Check out some of these YouTube videos on how this game was created and what to expect.


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