Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An "Epic" Arrival

On Thanksgiving day I decided to pre-order a game for the Nintendo Wii game console that I have been looking forward to for some time, Epic Mickey.  I chose to receive the item on November 30th, its release date.

While at work, I get a text from my roommate that a package from Amazon.com has arrived.  Once I got home it was time to open the box

Isn't it beautiful!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on one side of the box

And Mickey on the other side

These decals are for the Wii console and the Wii remote

A bonus disc came with the box. The disc includes:
Featurettes - Follow Warren Spector and others from Junction Point Studios as they discuss the creating of the game with:
The Importance of Storytelling - More than just beating up the bad guy. Storytelling is the key that draws the gamers into a world
Into the Archinves - Looking at information that has been stored at the Disney Archives over 80 years of animation.  Getting inspiration on which characters make it into the game and reminding people what some of the "forgoten" characters, such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecallor were like.
The Tale of Oswald - With the rights of Oswald back at Disney, they wanted a game that would reintroduce the Lucky Rabbit to a whole new audience.
The Anatomy of the Animation - The animation is something that is needed to be captured in both film animation and game animation. Looking how the characters were animated in their original roles and incorporating them into the game.
Designing the World - Making a mash-up of 80 years of styles of animation, from the storyboard look, to  the classical animation and the short subject 2D look, all the way to C.G.I. rendered graphics.
Disneyland-scae: Theme Park Inspirations - Taking major iconic attractions from Disneyland and placing them into the game with a darker side.
Epic Score - With story being important, so it the music. Music is key to the emotions and connections with the game and the player. Jim Dooley composed the music for the game. Check out the Official Website of Jim Dooley 
Character Overview - A  range of broad characters from the early days up until the 1960's.

Other items on the disc:
Concept Art - Renderings of the characters and worlds from the game.
Remastered Mickey Mouse Shorts - Thru the Mirror, Lonesome Ghosts, Clock Cleaners, The Whalers
Bonus Video:
Garibaldi at E3 Expo - See David Garibaldi create an "epic" painting. The repetitive techno music with his painting style got a little boring that I had to fast forward to the end to see the final result.
Journey Trailer -

E3 Behind the Scenes Trailer -

The complete box set

Next item to get will probably be the Wii Epic Mickey Paintbrush nunchuk.

At first, I had to return my game because my Mickey Mouse figurine came with a broken ear, but so far I have enjoyed Epic Mickey =)


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