Thursday, June 23, 2011

Signs Are Such A Tease!

Wow, what a day today!
A lot going on at Disney California Adventure.

After walking through bag check....

Disney California Adventure's soon-to-be new entrance with the tarps off

Once inside, checking out the Carthay Circle Theatre

Another look at the steeple

Work continues over at the pump house

The Wilderness Explorer Camp is now "UP" at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Although the sign is in place, Russell and Doug will appear in two days

Mickey's Fun Wheel

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta restaurant sign is now in place

Closer look at the sign

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Closer look at the Paradise Garden Grill

Seating taking place in front of the restaurants

Looking at Cars Land construction

Luigi's Flying Tires.

It was hard to get a good clear shot of the full sign.

Stupid palm tree ruining the shot!

I think this is a base of a lamp post

Walls have been pushed back to reveal the exit to Goofy's Sky School

Looking towards the dining area of Paradise Garden Grill

More seating area

Looks like a new console for the Cast Member operators of the attraction

Load area map

Looks like the storage area for the cars is now themed to a hanger for the "planes"

The chicken on top of the hanger was animating, with it's arms moving up and down.  It was hard to get a head shot. The chicken wears goggles.

From the back of the Pump House

The badges needed to become an official Senior Wilderness Explorer

Koda and Kenai are still present in their statue and their pictures on the Camp Notice board

Heading out to Disneyland now

More work at the Emporium

It looks like Mad Hatter, Alice, Donald, Pinocchio, Goofy, and Pluto were being driven down to Town Square

From the Monorail, more work continues in front of the Carthay Circle Theatre.  Tracks for the Red Car Trolley can be seen

They were laying rebar for the ground work

The Golden Horseshoe looks very golden!

Looking towards Disney California Adventure as we exit

That will conclude for today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time and patience to check it out.

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  1. Nice job !!
    Awesome to follow the work with your pictures!

  2. Good work , I look forward to your weekly blog, please keep it up,