Thursday, June 9, 2011

First "Soundsational" Visit of the Summer

Another day walking to the Resort due to Grad Nite taking over the Toy Story Parking Lot

Heading North on Harbor Blvd, drivers can see this.

But when they get to the signal, they come across this!

New replacement street signs on a bed of a truck

The signs around the Resort and Anaheim in general have been getting replaced with new LED lit street signs

After walking through back check...

Are they heavily advertising this because Disney supposedly has dropped down from the 1million AP mark? These were on every Ticket Booth!

Queue set up for Star Tours

At this time, it is about 10:15am, the Park opened at 9am and the FastPass return time is already near closing time of the Park!  But the 65 min wait doesn't seem that bad.

But because I want to get to California Adventure before it gets too busy, we decided to leave Disneyland and head over to Disney California Adventure

Looking inside the new Disney California Adventure map, it looks like Seaside Souvenirs and Corn Dog Castle are not drawn in.  And Goofy's Sky School is using the concept drawing tower and not the new water tower one

Looking at the construction of the Carthay Circle Theatre

More work on the Pump House

Side view of Carthay

Wow, Guests are just walking right in. Doesn't look like any kind of queue build up

New decal signs have appeared along side Ariel's Grotto

Much better than the previous ones

Looking across at the Little Mermaid queue. Doesn't look that bad. (Just ignore the ugly WOC stage)

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Work continues with the Paradise Pier restaurants.  I wonder what the little huts with the purple rooftops are for.

Looking at Cars Land construction

That man is as tall as one of those pine trees

Looks like trees with circular bench seating have appeared in front (or behind) the little hut

Lights are now on the Beer Hut

Amazing how much wiring is inside just for some covered seating

Posters have appeared inside Goofy's Sky School queue

The height marker in Goofy's Sky School FastPass distribution

Stroller parking for the attraction

The Nautilus can be seen at Seaside Souvenirs

Not a long wait for The Little Mermaid attraction. Wait time posted was 30 minutes


Inside the Blue Sky Cellar, a new "movie" can now be seen. This really is just a small 5 minute clip of the Little Mermaid attraction and pretty much features the Ursula animatronic

Still working on the new parade lights in the Hollywood Backlot

The tracks now extend past the Hollywood Pictures entrance

Oh yay........ Electronica extended till Spring 2012... Give back the normal Hollywood Pictures Backlot!!

Wow! Back at Disneyland, Star Tours's queue grows and grows

It was such a mess and a bottleneck here

FastPass booked out and Stand-By at 80 minutes.  I guess that's still not too bad

The Rocket to the Moon looks to be getting repainted. I wonder if it will match the color scheme of Tomorrowland's blues and silvers

Looking at the Carthay construction from the Monorail

From the Monorail, looking at the soon to be new entrance to Disney California Adventure

The guy on the right looks almost like Hulk Hogan

The popcorn wagon has now been pushed in the planter

Now this is how FastPass and Stand By should look for Star Tours!  Of course, that probably won't happen till after ...summer?

Refreshed tassels have appeared around Adventureland

What the day looked like

Looks like they took away a portion of the counter at the Newstand

At Downtown Disney, new banners advertising all the new happenings at the Disneyland Resort

Look!  An Undersea Adventure Ride!

That will conclude today's pictorial
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