Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Before Soundsational Summer Begins

I was finally able to get back to the Disneyland Resort after being gone for a little more than a week away.  But it felt great to get back into the swing of things.

So once again, with Grad Nights taking place in the evening, my friend and I decided to walk to the Resort as we both thought it would be easier than having to take the car and park at the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

More teal color can be seen for the new Disney California Adventure entrance

Heading in, checking out Carthay Circle Theatre

More work being done on the "pump house"

Looking back

It is Media Day for the opening of The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

I am loving the color scheme of the restaurants. I can't wait for July when this area opens up

Cars Land construction work

More track pieces have been placed

This eatery area is a 180ยบ turn around from what was there before. It's amazing!

Oh, let's not have the rusty looking World of Color platforms up while the Media is here for Mermaid

Loves it!

Walls have come down from the water tower of Goofy's Sky School

The sign for Goofy's Sky School attraction

The FastPass boxes themed to chickens and chicken crates

Was a "barn" and is now a flying hanger

extended queue for Goofy's

Another look at the FastPass boxes

Costumes have appeared for Goofy's, Jumping Jellyfish, and Golden Zephyr

Was trying to be as discreet as possible. I don't feel comfortable going up to them and asking to get a picture of them. For some reason, only female cast members were in view to get pictures.

Love the detail! 

With the media taking up the walkway and a majority of World of Color viewing, Guests could still walk on the bottom two tiers. 

Embarcadero Gifts opened up the other day

A look inside this tiny shop

I heard that the shop does not take up all the vacant space between that and the restrooms. Supposedly, there is enough space for another small store. Would sort of mimic Main Street at Disneyland with small shops connecting.  
Not sure how much of that is true or not.

Looking at the Carthay from Condor Flats

Shots from the patio of the winery

Another shot of Cars Land work.
The Blue Sky Cellar was closed until noon the next day, so I couldn't get shots from the Cellar patio

Who is this guy?!

Pixar Pals 

I hadn't seen the Monsters Inc version, but I didn't have time for it

Wait, she looks familiar

She is the same design as the Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure logo

4th of July merchandise

Time to head out and go to Disneyland

Main Street looks nice with all the patriotic bunting

Some equipment for Star Tours II opening tomorrow

So this is what those "People" were doing up on the People Mover station platform about a month ago, to get an idea of how and where to get up the equipment

Riding the monorail to catch a glimpse of the Carthay construction

Taking a look at the soon to be new entrance to Disney California Adventure from the monorail

Such a sad sight to see of the People Mover track

Big Thunder was not in operation today

First time seeing the new outdoor vending station next to the Mark Twain dock. This was was the construction was for. It doesn't look that bad.  It might be a tight squeeze when the area in front of Big Thunder is crowded

Open during refurbishment

Why are the support poles for the sign in view? It looks like the critters are standing on air. I feel like I want to push it down to match the shrubbery 

Heading out, a stage has been placed in Town Square. This is for the media to watch the 6:30 Soundsational parade

Ariel is excited finally getting an actual attraction based on her life

Heading out, taking a look across the way

Attraction posters can be seen on the back side of the Ticket Booths

I can't wait for D23!

That will conclude today's pictorial.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  I really appreciate the time you take to visit
Hope to see you soon

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