Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goofy's Sky School

"Howdy. And welcome to California's goofiest flight school!"

It was amazing how so many Guests were a little upset that Fast Pass was not in operation today

Some of the queue that was used earlier

Guests about to "learn" to fly in the Goofy Sky

The used parachute

We backed up and a car actually stopped in that brake zone. But shortly after, the planes started going again.

And now a ride along on Goofy's Sky School

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  1. Look at the hotel ,look at the surrounding area ,absolutly amazing.
    Disney should get rid of this ,puts shame to the whole area

  2. An improvement but not by much. Fortunately this attraction is just a quick fix until the budget allows for something better to replace it in 2014 or around there....:-/ At least it will absorb some of the crowds until then. I'm sure WDI did the most with the budget they were given.

  3. This is such a poor excuse for entertainment that it would have been far better to take it out and put in a lawn. Giant hotel, repetitive ride, repetitive ride, repetitive ride, air conditioner, steel superstructure, a couple of billboards, and a lot of periwinkle paint. The queue (such as it is) promises a better ride than this attraction delivers. This is the worst ride in either park, and might be worse than anything at Knott's.