Thursday, June 16, 2011

Construction Fills The Air

For some time I have known that I needed a new camera.  While looking online back in March, I found a Sony Cyber-Shot camera that I fell in love with. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be released for a couple of months. Because this was the camera I wanted, I ordered it and it finally came in yesterday.

Today's pictorial is the first time using the new camera. I think over some time, I will figure out where are the proper settings are so I can use the camera to its full potential.

With it being the last Grad-Nite for 2011, the Toy Story Parking Lot was closed. So my friend and I walked to the Resort.

About to go inside Disney California Adventure

Once inside, looking at the Carthay Circle Theatre

Because work is being done over by the Pump House, all traffic is being diverted to Condor Flats.
Was that rock always there?  If it was, it looks freshly painted

Looking at the Pump House.

Now jumping over to Mickey's Fun Wheel

The Paradise Garden Grill's sign is in place

The other restaurant is still waiting for its sign

Those little "huts" with the purple roof tops on the far left look to appear to be a possible condiments station

Looking over at Cars Land

Radiator Springs Curios

Luigi's Flying Tires building with... I think Ramone's House of Body Art building  in the foreground

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree construction

Close up of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Goofy's Sky School effects were on

Peeking at Cars Land from the Pacific Wharf

The Tortilla Factory has left the building!

Man, that mountain in the background looks massive compared to the construction workers

Coming down the Winery / Blue Sky Cellar ramp by the vineyard, the passage way to the entrance was closed because work on that area is being constructed on.  Looking at the Pump House from that area

God! Another year of ElecTRONica  -_-   At least it's not Glow Fest.

Looking at Carthay from inside Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Heading out of California Adventure to head to Disneyland

Jumping to Tomorrowland

The Moonliner Rocket still wrapped up

Taking a ride on the Monorail ...

Because this was the first time using the "Burst" selection on the new camera, I wasn't sure where to start taking the pictures. This was the best shot out of the bunch.

Coming back I was a little early at starting the "Burst" shot, so this was the best one.

Hopefully next week I will have perfected the timing and get some better shots on from the Monorail.
Because it was getting crowded by the minute at Disneyland and not much was going on in the Park, it was decided between my friend and I that it we head out for the day

Looking across  before heading out.

Thank you for taking the time .. and patients at looking at this pictorial

Until next time...


  1. Always Great....
    Please take widescreeen pictures.

  2. I think the new camera looks great!

  3. Great update! I'm amazed at the cars land rock work.

  4. Beautiful job, congratulations !

  5. Hey Mint, quick suggestion.

    If you don't have one, you should suggest getting a fast SD card, like a Class 6 or higher. Faster SD cards make burst mode work faster regardless of the camera: because the card refreshes quicker, the camera is ready to take the next shot in the sequence quicker, and you'll miss fewer shots. An 8 GB class 6 can be had on Amazon for roughly 20 bucks, and a Class 10 can be had for ten bucks more. Just make sure you camera can handle them! It should.

    And if you do have one, then disregard all that! But thanks for the hard work every week, regardless.

  6. You should CONSIDER getting a card, not suggest. My bad.