Saturday, June 11, 2011

Asking for Help

Hey there!

Does anyone know a thing or two about blogs and pictures?  I ask that because for quite some time, I have been reading some concerns that my blog can be slow loading. And some of those concerns have been because of the HTML for the pictures.

I have tried looking online for help, tried looking at other blogs to see how theirs are done, tried different settings, but it seems that I can't get it.  I have tried my blog on other popular browsers and even on different computers (at my place and others). And just when I think I may have it, it seems that there is a new complaint.

It seems that there is something I need to change in the HTML, but no one has bothered to let me know exactly what it is. It's like they will complain but won't help with any advice on how to go about getting it right.

And so I am asking for help.

*info on pics -

•Original pictures are w.4000 x h.3000
•Adjusted to w.1632 x h.1224
• The HTML tags in my posts have the pictures to display at w.320 x h.240

E-Mail Me  for your suggestions

Thank you for your help :)

Until next time


  1. Have you tried resizing the "thumbnail" images to 320x240 rather than having the browser do the resize for you? It looks like you did this on the post on "The soundsational visit" but not on "Day Before Soundsational Summer begins".

    In Chrome at least the First Soundsational... was much smother.

  2. yeah, acteually resize the thumbnail yourself, don't let the browser do. so you will now have 2 pictures of each. the thumnbnail size and the large size that people see when they click on the thumbnail.. cause right now, you have basically 20+ of large pictures loading all at the same time on each blog post.

  3. As the two posters above said, you need to create thumbnail images.

    Take you originals, make two different sizes, the large and the thumbnail. In your HTML, simply link the thumbnail to the large size. Your blogging and/or gallery software should be able to do that for you.

  4. I've never had any problems loading your site.

  5. There is a program called multiple image resizer that is built using .NET
    I've used that in the past to easily resize a batch of images and its really fast and easy
    Btw, love the weekly updates, I check in regularly and always enjoy the shots of construction progress. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  6. I've never had issues loading your site or the pictures. I use google Chrome!

  7. Firefox User here, I've had increasingly longer load times. Not computer or blog savvy at all.
    Love the blog though. It's worth the 5 minute load times :)

  8. It's either some people still don't have broadband, or their using a different browser than most.

    I use IE, Firefox, and Chrome, with broadband, and I have no issues loading up your page...however, on my phone, that's another story. ;0)

  9. I may be in the minority opinion here, but would it be possible to have the thumbnails on your site be just a little bigger? As people suggest, it's probably the browser-based resizing that's making the load times long, so if the thumbnails were somewhat larger I doubt it would add significantly to the time as long as it's not loading the full size until you click on it.

    I don't really have time/interest to click on every picture individually to see it in full size, but I'd rather be able to enjoy pics that come closer to filling the screen when I scroll through them. It would make it more immersive.