Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking Thru A Construction Wonderland

With Disney California Adventure opening up at 9am this week, that meant I had to wake up an hour earlier to head down to the Parks.

This morning was very cloudy but I decided to walk to the Parks instead.

First stop, Disney California Adventure

Looking at the construction of the new entrance to Disney California Adventure

A small sign letting Guests know that California Adventure opens at 9am

Once inside, checking out Carthay, minus a crane

At the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, walls have been place out in front to get started on the Red Car tracks in that area

Heading to Paradise Pier

Sitting on some rocks in the bay

The new smoking section has moved once again in Paradise Pier. It was placed here were the billboards were temporarily.

And since it moved, signs are now in place to remind Guests that the smoking section is no longer here.  I think the Disney California Adventure guide maps still show this section as being the smoking section.  Even the benches around this area have been removed

Over at the Little Mermaid building, the station lights are on. I wonder if this will now be an everyday thing now.

Light poles have been placed in front of the Little Mermaid building

Repainting work being done on the Seaside Souvenir lighthouse

Looking at the water tower for Goofy's Sky School

The backside of the beer station next to Silly Symphony Swings

Looks like some new possibly topiary style trees that look like seaweed

With a 9am opening, hardly anyone was in the Park. And if they were, most of them were over at Toy Story Midway Mania.

An arch way on the other end of the new restaurants

Now on to Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Looking out towards Goofy's Sky School

The once boxy looking walls have now taken some wavy shapes

Overlooking the area

Construction continues on Cars Land

Luigi's Flying Tires attraction is getting more detail

Looking out to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

All of the tail fins now have concrete

Some columns have been placed in front of the arch. At the moment, I don't know what they are for. Looking back at some of the Cars Land models, I couldn't find anything that resembles those columns.

Looking at the queue work for Little Mermaid

Some brackets have been placed. Looks exactly like those in the new Paradise Park with the vines

Always in Maintenance Mode. :-/

Another look at Seaside Souvenirs

Looking again at the Little Mermaid queue with its blue railings which look really nice

The hanging lamps on the outside have the seaweed look to them

Heading out of Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Tight squeez

Heading out to the other park


The graphics on the tarps have returned

More blue has been painted on both sides of the Star Tours marquee

Speaking of marquees, with Buzz Lightyear no longer having Fast Pass, the marquee has been modified to reflect that.  It looks like the wait time sign (which was on the left) has been moved to the middle and the sides have been covered up with Star Command logo panels

It's a little after 10:30am and this is how Space Mountain looked!

Over at Autopia, some new signs have been placed at the entrance to indicate which side to walk along as both parties make their way up the main ramp

Looking over at Star Tours

Looks like some of the same people from last week who were up at the People Mover station are now by the Tomorrowland Terrace stage.

Riding the Monorail to catch a glimpse of the Carthay Theatre

The Tomorrowland side queue for the Matterhorn was rerouted a bit for some reason

Looking at the construction of the small building shack next to the Mark Twain landing dock

It's Bre'r Fox

It's always nice to see the horses roam the Indian site

Because the Columbia was backing up, the canoes were placed in a holding pattern

Splash Mountain without the scaffolding

A quarter-press coffin by the entrance to Court de Angels.  I wonder if the "Funeral March" tune plays as the quarter is getting pressed

The three images are 1) Hitchhiking Ghosts 2) Haunted Mansion 3) Cemetery Caretaker

Set up for the handicapped Guests who want to experience Pirates of the Caribbean. This set up reminds me of Space Mountain's handicapped queue

Heading out and looking at the entrance to Disney California Adventure

That will conclude for today.
Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it

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  1. Can't thank you enough!

  2. Look forward to it every week

  3. Awesome pics this week! I LOVE the new quarter press machine and it's really awesome to see Brer Fox out and about in the park. Great post.

  4. Thanks so much for the weekly updates! Even though I go pretty much every week, I enjoy seeing the park through different eyes & angles as well!

    PS the change in the matterhorn line configuration is to create a handicapped line for busier days through what usually would be the actual line. wheelchairs enter at the front of the attraction where the CM is right before you go through the turnstiles and turn left, leading them to the handicapped entrance.