Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soon to Come...More Plain Walls?

April 12, 2011 -
Hmm... what's going on over by the Hot Dog Hut?

Wait, more walls?

Oh! Upon closer inspection it appears to be tarps with the same graphics that once graced the construction walls.

For the time being, the tarps only cover one section of Screamin's fencing

The back side

Supposedly the fencing that guard the support beams for California Screamin' will have these walls... the same type of walls that can be found in the lush park that replaced the Maliboomer.

Even looking through the bars out towards Paradise Bay with the original fencing and through Screamin's supports still gave you an "open" feeling.  Putting more of those solid walls up will seemingly make it feel more closed in within that area.  Guess time will tell...


  1. Maybe this is an extension of the park?

  2. i like that they are covering those ugly bars just wish they would be more than blank walls.

    Some of the areas under those supports would have made the perfect locations for ODV. They could be used to sell one or two simple items like corn, sodas, chips, prepackaged candy and they could be themed to small structures like ticket booths