Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lots Of Construction Here Waiting For You

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Are you ready for a trip to the Disneyland Resort!

First stop...
Disney California Adventure

The new entrance to Disney California Adventure is coming along nicely We will see a bit more of it later on in the trip

The Carthay Circle Theatre

Earlier this week, the Hollywood Pictures Backlot sign was removed, leaving the two elephants behind for right now

A side view of Carthay as we head to Paradise Pier

As you can see, the Little Mermaid attraction received its toppers. They also appeared earlier in the week

Taking a look at the lush park as we make our way to Mickey's Fun Wheel

- Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Work continues on the restaurants here

Taking a look at the water tower for Goofy's Sky School

More painting taking place at Goofy's Sky School

And now looking at the construction for Cars Land

In the distance, you can see tire shapes for Luigi's Flying Tires

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Look what's back! The slushy cart. Too bad this couldn't have been re-themed to fit in with the re-themed Paradise Pier. I mean, it's been gone long enough that it could have been.

Work being done on the old Souvenir 66 lighthouse

Taking a look at some of the outdoor queue for The Little Mermaid

Mmmm... Corn Dogs

Touch ups still being done.. Not done till at least June 3!

Some more weathering taking place

These seahorses look evil!

Taking a look at the Carthay from the other end of Condor Flats

Another view of the "tires" for Luigi's Flying Tires

Inside Blue Sky Cellar, some new info sheets appeared. This is themed to Earth Day.
These two papers talk about Water Conservation with World of Color and Energy Conservation with Mickey's Fun Wheel

The sheet on the right talks about Waste Reduction and Recycling

•Read how much was recycled with Silly Symphony Swings
•Find out what happened to the Sun from Sunshine Plaza
•Where did those surfboards from the hoops game in front of Pizza Oom Mow Mow go?

Standing by Animation Academy, looking at the marquee-less to Hollywood Pictures Backlot

If it weren't for ElecTRONica still being here, I think this would have been a great shot. And probably would have made the street look more realistic.

More shots of Carthay

As we head towards the exit, a look at the backside of the new entrance


The tarps at the Emporium were brought back up

But this time, without the graphic of the store front

More work at Star Tours

At the old PeopleMover platform, some Disney people were there

I am going to say that these people are planning out for the Star Tours big relaunch. And the reason why I say that is because this same group was over in front of the Little Mermaid attraction the same time I was. They were looking at the building and the World of Color viewing area, probably mapping out where and how everything should be played out

The Standby and FastPass (hidden) sign can be seen

Riding the Monorail to see the Carthay from a higher point

Taking a shot of the entrance from the Monorail

More groundwork in Frontierland, possibly for the new building

The new building as of today

Splash Mountain work

Time to head out

This will be interesting to see when it's finished

Inside the Toy Story Parking Lot shuttles, these ads have appeared

At least they're not for Disney Channel shows

Well, that will conclude today's pictorial

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  1. Thanks, Mint! I appreciate all your hard work at doing thsi every week.

  2. It amazes me how much work is being done around the parks but I am really looking forward to all of it! And I would have to agree with you.. the seahorses are pretty evil looking, haha.