Friday, April 22, 2011

Mickey's Soundsational Parade Commercial Shoot

Today I went to Disneyland to get a glimpse of a commercial shoot for the new Mickey's Soundsational Parade debuting on May 27,2011

Only two floats on this day were being shot for the commercial. The first one was the beginning float and the second one was a Princess and the Frog showboat float.

YouTube Video is at the bottom of the page

"Come see the complete parade in all it's glory..."?!?!?!  It should state " all its glory.."
Hello! Disney! Get with the program, please.

A section of the hub was sectioned off for the commercial shoot

While sitting down, it totally came without any warning. There was no music or anything as the floats made their way to their spots.

The main float

Checking out some of the details

Not to far behind was Tiana's showboat float.

Hmm.. I wonder who will be in the row boat. With an umbrella there, I am guessing it will be Tiana herself

Chip and Dale !

Some "actors" were placed inside as Guests. These "Guests" got the job of being parents. They don't look too thrilled.

On the left side were some more "actors". They were dressed up with some Disney hats

Places people!

The drummers that will be in front of the first float

This reminds me of Tokyo Disneyland's "Power of Music" back in January 2010

Practice your routine please

Mickey and Minnie finally come out to get in place

Minnie's dress reminds me of Tokyo Disneyland's D-Pop Magic

Mickey carefully stepping into his spot

As the drummers practice, Minnie dances

Tiana prepping

Everyone ready?
Ok, good!
Let's go...

While Mickey plays the drums, Jiminy Cricket makes a cameo appearance!

Wow! Mickey can really jam!

The floats with their music proceeded to Coke Corner. Once there, they were driven in reverse back to their starting point. After some time, they did the same thing all over again. The time I was there, they had done it three times.

The following pictures are from those runs

I think I prefer "Drummer Mickey" over "Gangsta Mickey"

Ooo, got an itch

Oh no! Donald is stuck inside an instrument

Side shot of Tiana's float

It's all made up of musical instruments.
How clever is that!

Professor Owl and the chorus bird girls from the 1953 animated short "Toot, Whistle, Pluck, and Boom" make a cameo appearance as well

The "actors" all together for a crowd shot. They were to be all dancing and moving with the music, all the while following the clump of Mickey balloons, as though that was the actual float

Another shot of Tiana's float before heading out

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  1. Thanks for getting down there and taking the pictures and video of the new Parade. Should be so much better than what was there before.

  2. These Disney pictures look great! Clearly Disney never skimps on flair and fun. This parade has been making the rounds on different sites - I think you've done a great job documenting it. Thanks!

  3. You know, the "Disney Dance Crew" show has been reworked, and the show is a bit better now. People really seem to enjoy it from what I have seen.

    And you know, this is not the first time that Mickey has tried to be current.

    I assume that you are aware of the vintage 30's cartoon where Mickey danced the jitterbug?