Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update: December 16th at the Disneyland Resort

Looking outside the window this morning, I noticed that it had rained. With thick clouds still looming across the sky, I knew I would have to get ready fast in order to make it to the Resort before it were to rain again. My roommate decided to join me, but told me he couldn't stay long due to the fact that he had plans in the afternoon.

So after a late start, we arrive at the Toy Story Parking Lot.

New shuttle buses are now being used to transport Guests to and from the Disneyland Resort. Notice that these new buses now had advertisements on the front

We board and "old" bus

We get to the Resort and see that it looks busy! I thought with the heavy clouds and threat of rain, that it would keep many people away. Maybe there are a number of people on holiday right now, visiting.

Heading into Disney California Adventure, we see that the mural is pretty much gone

The last section on the east side was taken down Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

Looking at CarsLand

Some more structure frame is taking shape in the new land

Looking at The Little Mermaid attraction

It seems that the other side of the arch received the canopy frame for queue

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

More construction shots of Cars Land

It looks like we can see Radiator Springs Curios (wood building), Luigi's Casa della Tires (gray color frame building) and Flo's V8 Cafe (white frame closest to us)

Looking across the bay at the Little Mermaid building. Having the Disney Channel Rocks! stage setup make it hard to get a good  shot of the Little Mermaid building. Ugh!

Some pretty shots of the blue watered lagoon

Tarps have reappeared along the Little Mermaid building, in the San Fransisco section of the Park

Over next to Tower of Terror, the walls have come down

I think this was once up where the curb is, and now it has been pushed back

Taking a look at the lights that will be used for the parade route in Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Looking at the nicely finished facade

More "hidden" lights for Hollywood

Heading to Disneyland now


It sure is crowded. Now I know why both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure extended their park hours

This was the start of the line to see one of the characters

Astro Orbitor still being worked on

As evident by the open hatch

So I took a picture of these ears last week, then I find out that they are $79.95!
Are you kidding me? Who would pay $80 for a pair of ears that reminds me of the "Year of a Million Dreams" light up ear hat.
I guess they think it's worth it since it comes in a nice themed hat box

Mr Toad's Wild Ride was open, with a short wait too. I wanted to ride it, but had to skip it due to time constraint

Heading out and looking at Space Mountain from the Sleeping Beauty Castle drawbridge

Another look at the mural-less entrance

Heading out, we were able to get on one of the new shuttle buses. I noticed that the new one was brighter inside and the alarming beeping sound as the bus lowers itself (when it loads/unloads) was much quieter.

That will conclude for today's pictorial
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  1. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate this blog. Love the pictures.