Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait for School to Start Again

What a couple of weeks it has been. First it rains for the first half of Christmas holiday, then there is a small break of warm weather, then it rains again and then it is cool and windy. And the crowds really turned out during the dry days.

Today was no exception with the crowds. Right before heading out, the Toy Story Parking Lot was already busy so I had an idea of what to expect.

Getting to the Main Entry Plaza, I come to this!

This was roughly 9:50am

Looking across the way, it didn't look that bad. But then again, Disneyland had already been open for almost a couple of hours

Heading in and it's a little after 10:00am

Heading towards Paradise Pier

During the Christmas 2 week holiday, California Screamin' has been having technical difficulties almost every day. Up until today, I think the only times it was working fine (that I can think of right off hand) were December 26 and December 27.

Because of Screamin' down, that pushes a lot of Guests down the boardwalk. Midway Mania was busy as always, and so many people were coming on Mickey's Fun Wheel. When I got in line for the stationary gondola, there were about 6 groups ahead of me and the attraction had just started its first full cycle. The queue was half full for swinging.  By the time it was time to start unloading/loading, the swinging queue had already reached up top and the stationary gondola queue was past the turnstiles  That's how busy it was!

And because of the queues filling up fast, the Cast Members had made the usual announcement that small parties will be placed with other small parties.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

I just want to apologize that these aren't the best pictures from the Fun Wheel. With me being placed with two other people, they sat on the Cars Land side which is the side I most prefer to sit on. So I had to do my best on getting shots of Cars Land.

Frame work going up at the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta restaurant

It looks like some paint work being done on Goofy's Sky School track

Trying to get some shots of Cars Land

The mesh from the gondola kept getting in my way

The sky was so clear out that one could see Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign on the hillside

Trying my best at getting some shots

As our ride was coming to an end, I thought about queuing up again, but when I saw the line up, I had second thoughts.  I could have tried to wait it out, but if I were to get placed with a small party and they sit on the Cars Land side, then I am back at square 1.

One of the palm trees was cut down for some reason..

Set up for New Year's Eve

Temporary Woody and Jessie meet and greet because...

...Midway Mania was using the crossovers and had to occupy the attractions former queue next to Don Thomas Turkey shack

It looks like some sort of color glass is being installed for the Little Mermaid

Aw, little hidden Mickey's in the swirls

Looking at a train stuck on the lift hill of Screamin' and the long queue for Mania

Santa Claus has left the premises. But where is Santa Goofy?!

Some festive decoration for New Years

Hopefully the track for Goofy's Sky School will be blue like all these pictures show

Extended queue set ups were the norm today

The speakers out here were playing Tower's queue music

Plastic seats for ElecTRONica

If there was no rope set up available, tape had to be used to set up directional queues as Award Weiner's had to do.

Time to head to Disneyland


A queue for the omnibus. I guess people didn't want to fight the crowded street on foot

Some New Years set up in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Let the Memories Begin with the bland popcorn box

Fantasyland crazy with people and strollers

"it's a small world" with it's huge demand

Stage setup for New Years in the Small World Mall

You want to get to Adventureland, you had to go through Frontierland, and then around the Riverbelle Terrace patio

Adventureland's entrance was being used as a one way exit

This wait time board will give an idea of how busy it was. And it was not even noon yet

Because of the crowds coming down Main Street, decided to step inside some shops and look around.

Some new merchandise

So far, I like these designs. It shows a number of attractions from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure with many of Disney's famous characters riding them

Some Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily Mad Tea Party Cups

A few souvenirs I bought from the Gallery

Looking out the window and still see some Radiator Springs Racer track

Well that will do it for today
Until next time...

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  1. Man the crowds look crazy,great update as always and love the Kevin and Jody stuff!