Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take A Look - Christmas Time in "old time"

Back in spring of 2010, Paradise Pier inside Disney California Adventure had changed its background music from bubbly 60’s surf music to a more appropriate jazz/ragtime 1920’s music.

When Christmas time came, I was walking through Paradise Pier  at Disney California Adventure, with its scattered Christmas decorations, when I thought to myself “With Disneyland’s Main Street playing Christmas music during their Holiday season, why couldn’t Paradise Pier do the same?”

So one day I began recording different sections of Paradise Pier with the idea of putting it to Christmas music from the 1920’s.  Once I got home to begin the project, I ran into some difficulties.  It was rather difficult to find 1920’s instrumental Christmas music. And the music I did find, I had to cut out the vocals.  But with some adjustments and additions of video clips from Disneyland’s Main Street USA, this is my interpretation of what an amateur Christmas time film of today may look like in a  1920’s setting.

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