Thursday, December 9, 2010

Construction Sites to See

Getting a late start on today's visit to the Disneyland Resort. Even though my friend and I did not arrive until a little after 11am, the crowds were very light in Disney California Adventure. Although I can't say the same thing for Disneyland

-Disney California Adventure -

These two turnstiles have moved over to the far right, behind the letter "A"

More of the mural has been taken down on the east side

Taking a look at CarsLand from the parade route

Scaffolding has now been placed in front of the Little Mermaid attraction

The tarp has been taken down to reveal the side wall for the Little Mermaid attraction

Looking at Mullholland Madness

Side view of the Little Mermaid attraction

Artificial pine trees are now being placed on the hillside of CarsLand

Taking a ride on Mickey's Fun Wheel

Is that building Radiator Springs Curios ?

Another look at the newly placed trees, likely just for seeing how they look for now

Framework for one of the Cozy Cone Motel looks to be up in place

Icee Blue water

Some new track seen

Could these be from the species Pinus Ponderosa ?

Hey, Look! I am over here. Come and say hi to me

It seems that the times have been changed for "Disney Channel Rocks!".  For Thursday, the times were supposedly 10:30, 11:30, 12:20, and 13:10. But it turns out that only three shows are being given for the time being

Some people out there feel that Disney is cheapening out by having a flat wall. Some have referred to New Orleans and how some shops were built along side Pirates show building.

But looking at it, it doesn't look like there would be room. Remember : World of Color uses this area for their shows. So to have an exit for Little Mermaid, possibly extended queue, World of Color usage, having shops along side wouldn't be very practical.

Some more CarsLand shots

Looking at the track map and possible stops for the Red Car Trolley

These look to be parade lights that will extend upward, unlike Disneyland's Main Street parade lights

- Disneyland -

Man, it looks busy!

I don't know the full story, just going by what I can gather. But it seems that some sort of valve had broke, possibly dealing with an air supply flow. Whether or not that is the case, I am not sure.

The Star Tours sign has been replaced with a smooth grafic

Disneyland Twitter posted that new Fuzzball and Hooter stuff plush were available at Star Trader, so I went to go check it out

Also some new arrivals at Star Trader for the new movie Tron Legacy

Heading out and looking across the Plaza

Walking along Harbor

Checking the backside of CarsLand

And for your shopping convenience...

- Greeting's -

These guys are everywhere!

That will about do it for today.
Thanks to all of you out there for taking the time and checking out my pictures

Until next time....


  1. Thank *you* for taking the time to dilgently take these pictures. They're a pleasure to look at each week.


  2. mint,
    how much are the hooter plush going for?

  3. Don't know what I'd do without these updates! You always got the best stuff. Thanks!


  4. Keep it up Mint. I have not been to the park in a month and a half, you keep us well informed with the updates.

    Mr. J

  5. Thanks mint. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce these updates.