Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walls and Cracks for 72 dollars

I heard that the Disneyland Resort offers exceptional value for what they charge compared to other entertainment venues.  I just had to check it out

The sign states $72 for a 1-Day, 1-Park ticket
So I think I will go to Disney's Califoria Adventure...

On my way I noticed that the Honday cars promotion is gone. One would have never known anything was in this spot. =/

I step through the gates at Disney's California Adventure and am greeted with HSM 3 playing 

The palm trees are now open

No sign of Lucky Fortune Cookery 

Chinese Lanterns appear

And what looks like the start of where the sign would be placed


Another view of the palm trees

A closer view of rebar

Continuous work for World of Color

Seashell designs

Scaffolding once again for this area

This now looks more like an Orange Juice Squeezer

The rocks are colored

Some more work with those poles

Uncolored rocks

Time to go on the Fun Wheel.  Mountains as far as the eye can see

The top of the squeezer is filthy


Looking down at Mermaid

Corn Dog Castle with boards around it

Same with Route 66

Just as I got this in shot, the gondola moved! Ugghhh

For those that are afriad of heights,  here are some pictures from ground level of the squeezer 

Your $72 hard at work

The Zypher once again was closed. Apparently the maintenance had to get a new motor for the attraction.  I don't know if it was opened when the park opened, but the Cast Members had it cycling a bit while I was there with no one on it

The geyser was working and drenching all those who got in its way!

Taste Pilot's Grill now offers the string fries instead of the criss-cut ones
$72 for a day at California Adventure?  Sorry Jay, Ed, and Disneyland Resort spokesperson,  with area's walled off and closed, $72 is not a great value for a 1-day park. Put the "2" in front of the "7" and then we'll talk.

Now over to Disneyland

BTR BBQ looked busy

Over at the island, work was being done.  Bottom right, the island picture reminds me of Dinosaur Jack

An open door

As I get a closer look at what he is doing, I get a view of this!

Going commando!

This has been there for several weeks, but I keep forgetting to post it.  But over at the Haunted Mansion, it looks like a new railing was placed right before bording the buggies

Whoa! What happened here?!
That will do it for this week. Thanks for looking =)

Until Next Time...


  1. You're so right!! It's too much for a half closed park...

  2. Less personal comments and more photos only. I like your photos but your comments are LAME.

  3. I like your comments! They're better than MiceAge and their Nazi's!

    Loved the commando comment!!


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