Thursday, August 13, 2009

California Adventure's Fortune Is A Work In Progress

The sign out front that promoted the latest "news" is gone for now. Probably for repairs
L.F.C. sign in now in place
A closer look
This ornate object doesn't look like it will be that tall
Work around the lagoon
A look across the way. It now reminds me of a mushroom
Two holes in the building that caught my eye
Now on to the Fun Wheel

Apparently these tarps are covering one, if not two floats from the Circus segment of Disney's Electrical Parade. It seems the tarps are there to protect them from the elements and whether they are still fully intact is unknown. The one we see here could be the float that had the bear with the hoops balancing on the barrel

The base columns being placed

Bye Mickey, see you next week

More walls

I would think this is "bad show", but looking at pictures and video from years gone by, this sort of thing seemed to be common when it came to things being refurbished

The tarps are down from Pinocchio's Daring Journey

The display of Princess chairs have been drapped closed

This light has been fixed after some time of it being busted

Had to get a ride on the Haunted Mansion since it had just celebrated the big 4-0.  

The next shots below are from the Monorail

Work continues with this "back of house" foundation

Heading out, the new sign for monthly payments.  Since the passports prices have increased, so had the minimum payment per month
That will do it for this week. Thanks for looking

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