Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh nose! Toes!

Need to get my Disney fix this week. Other things were planned on the day I normally go to the resort, which is Thurs. So I had to make up for it today
Heading to California Adventure first, like I always do
If you think this is a tight squeeze now, wait till Monday (8/24)
Work for World of Color
Some sort of topper on the nozzles
Tying up the cords with zip ties
Moving the Earth for an undersea adventure
They were painting these
Another view of these "toppers"
New markings to show where the walls will be extended out to
On nose! Toes!
This sign is back instead of the flat sign piece 
With the walls by Mermaid being pushed out, on Monday Aug 24, the Parade route will get shorter.  The parade will only be traveling in the area between the Hollywood gates and... 
...the Tortilla gates
------- Disneyland -------
The bank has the scaffolding off
hmm... what's on the windows?
Oh yeah, it will now be the Disney Gallery
And next door, they have finished painting
Halloween is fast approaching. Some filler pics of Halloween merchandise
Now on to Pinocchio!
The tulip must be sad because the queue was very stuffy. There was no circulation of air
The wood carved cars look the same as before
But inside, they installed pressure matts.  The matts seem to be placed at every show door
Taking a look at the BBQ
And it was pretty busy around 3pm
One of these nights Malificent's transformation into a dragon will be a reality
One last look at some Halloween merchandise before heading out
Thank you guys for visiting!
See ya next week

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  1. Thanks for the great report, Mint. Great job editing down to the basics. See you next week!