Thursday, August 27, 2009

And Cue The Kid

It is so hot outside, what am I doing going to the Disneyland Resort?!?
These were fine last summer, but why must they revert back to the Toy Story attraction? Is it so people can head over to California Adventure first?
the only duck picture taken on purpose
Obviously it worked on me, cause that's where I went. The new California Adventure map
The parade route
Sunshine Plaza to ... Paradise Pier?
It is so hot, it looks like hardly anyone is here. But then again, it's only 11am
It's so hot, the sun faded the color on the posts
The walls should get extended farther out due to the marking (at the top in the sunlight)
"Annnndddd cue the kid!"
I love Disney puns!
Why is Disney still selling the "old" Electrical Parade? The parade came back with new music, time to update the CD offering
I love this picture
That will do it for today. Join me next time!

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