Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heavy Crowds Still Linger After Presidents Day at the Disneyland Resort

Even thought many people came to the Disneyland Resort during Presidents weekend, I still noticed that the Toy Story Parking Lot seemed a bit busier the past couple of days.  I didn't want to take any chances so I left a bit earlier than usual.

I guess a made a right decision. Because as I walked along Harbor Blvd, there were a lot of other people walking towards the Disneyland Resort. Later on I overheard some Guests talking about "Snow Week".

When I got there around 9:45am, this is what it looked like just to get into Disney California Adventure.  Disneyland had already opened, so the lines weren't as long.

Finally getting in with about four minutes to spare until the Park opens.

Wow! Look at this line.  Is it for Toy Story Midway Mania? The Little Mermaid? ...

... nope! It's to get a World of Color Fast Pass ticket for the one performance today

Work being done on the Rushin' River Outfitters.

And work continues over at Grizzly River Rapids.  The extension of the boardwalk is coming along

Some of the tarps have been taken down

Because it was busy and I had to get to the Fun Wheel before it got busy, I thought I would make it back in the Grizzly area again  But as the day went on, I totally forgot about stopping in the area again

Paradise Pier shops

Notice anything different?   If you look in between the red and blue gondola, you will notice a new red rail

And next to the gate, another red rail (left near the white lamp post).

This is a redesign with the hopes that it will help with efficiency by directing Guests to the swinging gondola exit so the red gondola can be loaded faster.

Looking at Cars Land mountain range

Cozy Cone Motel

Looking over at Luigi's Flying Tires

Supposedly the walls may come down tomorrow and we will see a curb less street

The backside of Radiator Springs Racers entrance marquee

Getting ready for repainting of the Pacific Wharf bridge. I wonder if it is going to be the same blue as it was before or if they are going to change it to the a green color like they have been doing in the Pier

This pathway was suppose to be closed today with access in and out of Pacific Wharf available by way of the Boudin Bakery.  But it was still open today.

Filmore's can be seen behind the trees

Don't know if this fence by Mater's Junkyard Jamboree is new or not

The metal frame is getting covered up by wood

The backside

Looking over at the queue of Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Hmmm, why no shots of the "main street" of Cars Land ...

Because they had the Blue Sky Cellar patio section closed off.

Buena Vista Street construction

Some of the detail work on the facade

Looking over at Elias & Company

Carthay Circle Theatre

Because it was almost 11am, I thought I would catch Minnies Fly Girls Charter Airlines

This will be my first time seeing the show

Just some pictures of the show

It even had talking Minnie!

Minnies Fly Girls Charter Airlines was actually pretty good!   It had a lot of humor in it and a lot of Disney references for the time period it is portraying. I can't wait for my friend to see this show.

Over in Hollywood Pictures Backlot, the farthest part of the street is up in tarps

Another look at Carthay Circle Theatre

Heading out of Disney California Adventure

Some detailing ... which I think is for the Monorail bridge.  I can't recall right off hand what I (we) may be looking at here at the moment

Monorail bridge work

Can see the curve of the under portion for the bridge

Disneyland time

Mattehron with it's snow

New and old paint job of the Matterhorn

The Columbia was docked at the station

The Mark Twain was docked over by Harbor Galley

Restocking the boat with life jackets

With the new beard/goatee rule being allowed for male cast members, I think in this instance it works for this particular cast member

Orange Monorail was being tested

Water dummies inside the Orange Monorail

During this time the Disneyland Monorail was closed.

Looking at the Matterhorn, waiting for the Monorail to open

After a few runs of the Monorails, Red came back. It looked like it might open again for Guests. But was told that Monorail Orange did not pass its test and to check back.  Waiting a bit longer in the area and just as I was about to leave, the phone box next to the Cast Member buzzed.  I waited to see if it would bring good news. And it did. Although only Monorail Red would be in service with departures every 12 minutes.

Waiting for Monorail Red.  The old Rocket Rod track looks like it's been cleaned

Buena Vista Street as seen from the Monorail

Quite a bit of progress in front of Elias & Company, where the new Walt and Mickey statue will be placed

It does look like the Rocket Rod track has been cleaned up

With only one monorail in service, the line was stretching all the down the ramp

Time to head out...

Getting another glimpse at the entrance of Buena Vista Street

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for your patience and stopping by to check it out

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  1. I went to DLR on Tuesday and was surprised by the crowds. It was so weird to me!

  2. Who are the a$$hats that click "boring" every week. Seriously? If you find this boring, go somewhere else. How rude!

    Nice job, Mint, as always.

  3. Are the buildings on Buena Vista Street as pink as they look in the photos? The theater and Elias and Co. look very pink and so do some of the surrounding buildings.

  4. I'm a bit disappointed in the way Buena Vista Street is looking. It looks like any other California influenced outdoor shopping center. One trip to The Americana in Glendale and you'll see more themeing and details for free. Also the cheap fix of the horrid shops on Paradise Pier and no one seems to be saying anything about this cost cutting "fix."

    1. While that is true, at least it is better than it was before. I would gladly take the Buena Vista street look over post cards. Also the shops were horrid, but I like the new "fix." Disney is spending all the money that they are putting into the project into Carsland, so some quick fixes are necessary.