Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spending Groundhog Day at the Disneyland Resort

It's that time again, another weekly trip to the Disneyland Resort

Walking along Harbor Blvd, checking out the back side of the mountain range of Cars Land

Work being done over at the hotel shuttle area

Going to Disney California Adventure first

Looking down towards Carthay Circle Theatre

Walking towards the Carthay Circle Theatre

Trees have been planted around the fountain hub

Will ya lookie there! The fountain was finally on for me to see

Buena Vista Street construction

Close up of fountain in action

Palm trees have now been placed on the Carthay Circle Theater side, as they are still in the closed position

More work continues at the Paradise Pier stores

Going on Mickey's Fun Wheel..

Smooth, very smooth

All the Cozy Cones have been painted

Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree testing

Radiator Springs Courthouse

Painting has taken place along the Paradise Pier shops to match with the Games of the Boardwalk

The lamp posts are also getting a color change.  From the turquoise (right) to the green (left)

Walls up around the old Tortilla Factory, getting ready for its transformation into Ghardelli

Lamp posts on the outer ridge of the entrance to Cars Land

Some of the people who are bringing Cars Land to life

Elias & Company framed letters have appeared on the building

Yummy ice cream.  I just want to lick it!

Tarps taken down from the Candy marquee

Buena Vista Street construction

Looking from an opening of the Cars Land from Bugs Land

Another set of walls!?!

And yet another shot of the fountain.  Can see smaller fountain jet peaking up past the wall

Anemometer on the Condor Flats sign.  Could this gauge wind speed for the new fountain

Disneyland time

The Valentines decorations in Town Square have returned

Although lovely, I wish more was added

A lone yellow flower among the reds

The sign now placed out more in the street

Matterhorn refurbishment

Looks like it's covered in cobwebs

Riding the Disneyland Monorail...

Elias & Company can be seen. The fountain in action

Matterhorn station all tore up

New signs at the Matterhorn to explain the history and facts about the landmark

Yes, let's keep making Jolly Holiday even more crowded!

Wait, what?! Where's the entrance

Like I really want to walk all the way to Toontown for a snack ha ha

Heading out now...

Checking out the construction at the entrance to Buena Vista Street

The directory sign has been updated

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for your patience and stopping by to check it out

Until Next Time..


  1. Great report! I feel like it's been ages since I've been to DCA. I'm a little jelly of your weekly trips.

  2. Great pictorial!! Always a highlight to my thursday nights! Thanks!

  3. I really liked that shot of the flowers.

    Seems like construction is going on everywhere on both coasts.