Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Signs of Progress at the Disneyland Resort

Looks like the tarps have come down

Tomorrow starts Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airlines show in Condor Flats

Heading towards Carthay Circle Theatre

Some of the parade light poles have been temporarily removed as their bases are covered up

Work continues on the old Man Hat 'N Beach store front

Luigi's Flying Tires

Testing continues over at Luigi's Flying Tires

Radiator Springs Courthou.... wait! What's that on the far right corner?  I wonder what the car is for

Hopefully not too much longer before the pavement cures

Looking down on the store front

Real mountains with real snow in the background

Cozy Cone Motel food establishment

The recently installed Cozy Cone Motel sign

Part of Radiator Springs Racers queue can be seen

Some really nice detailed work

Those lights are waiting for a sign to appear

The Paradise Pier lamp posts continue to get their new green color, reaching all the way over the the Gazebo

What's that behind the tree.  Why it's the "Welcome to Radiator Springs" sign

Then I wonder what this framework is for

Filmore's sign has also been installed

Radiator Springs

There are smaller decals underneath the sign.  Gonna try for closer shots

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Look over there! Between Flo's V8 cafe sign and Ramone's.  The crane is hoisting another sign up

Gateway to Ornament Valley

Two out of the many talented people doing rock work on the Cars Land mountain facing Paradise Pier

Looking at part of old Farmers Market structure for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Over at Buena Vista Street...

Elias & Company shop

Some 1920's art deco work can be seen

"We have some white paint left. What shall we do with it?"
"Well, don't just waste it! ... Paint something"

The other day a Disney California Adventure cast member gave me this pass.  Didn't have time to use it then and today I still didn't have time.  A tactic to pull in people to see the show, I assume

What was here?  .. Oh yeah, the Miner 49ers

Last week I had mentioned that it looks like they were going to extend the platform. And it looks like that is what is indeed happening

Heading out of Disney California Adventure

Hmmm... which turnstile to choose.  Man, give the Cast Members a chair and what do they do, they sit down.  This is one thing I can't stand about the Main Entrance at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. To me, sitting makes them look lazy.

Don't miss Star Tours, Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Winnie the Pooh.   Winnie the Pooh?!? Of all other attractions and entertainment, they have to fill it with Winnie the Pooh? Desperation!

Work continues over at the Carnation Cafe

Riding the Disneyland Monorail for a glimpse of Buena Vista Street

Matterhorn station getting reworked

In celebration of Mardi Gras, Bayou Bash takes place on select weekends over in New Orleans Square

It seemed a little bit busier.  Probably because we are heading into Presidents Weekend

A line to get out.  Gotta love those Main Entrance Cast Members

Heading out of the Resort, looking over at Buena Vista Street construction

Advertise the hell out of that movie!

That will conclude with today's pictorial
Thanks for your patience and stopping by to check it out

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  1. The other sign frame in Carsland is probably the Carsland sign.

  2. I doubt that YOU could stand up for that long.

    It was kind of snotty of you to say that it makes them look lazy.

    1. Actually the job I have been in for 10+ years requires me to stand for long periods of time. The only time I get to sit down are on my breaks and lunch.

      And up until a year or so ago, from as far back as I can remember, the Cast Members at the Main Entrance always stood in their place. But now chairs have been placed for them with the option to sit or stand. I can see what option many choose.

      But that is just how I feel.

  3. All Cast Members end up standing for long amounts of time. I'm sure he is just as used to it as all the others.

  4. Great pictures. Keep them coming - I look forward to my Thursday Disney construction fix every week! Thanks.

  5. Great pics! Please check Your email! I've sent You a request/info regarding the making of a "Morph-film" using Your pics.

  6. While I thank you for the pictures, I wish you would have a little bit of respect or maybe seek the reason for something before giving people labels. Any cast member that is sitting down has restrictions. As in, they have some type of medical restriction given to them by their own doctors. The Main Gate is one of the few areas that restrict these kind of restrictions. If you were to be given these kind of restrictions in other areas, then most likely you would be put on transitional duty till your restrictions are lifted by your doctor or if your restrictions would be long term or permanent, then you would have to consider transferring to an area that would accept them. If an area accepts a type of restriction by one cast member, then they have to accept it for all of their cast members with the same restriction. Please, look for the reasoning behind something before you give someone a label.

  7. What attitude in this weeks update. Dude you really need to think about what you say - negative stuff will loose your reader's attention. People come here to learn about the latest changes and construction in the park, not see you cop an attitude cause your life is in the toilet.