Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Thursday at the Disneyland Resort

The day before, Disney California Adventure celebrated it's 11th birthday.  But one wouldn't have known that as there was no fanfare about the momentous occasion

Buena Vista Street construction

Weather vane

Over at Grizzly River Rapids, it looks like they may be possibly extending out this boardwalk a bit more


A new color scheme for the Paradise Pier shops.  I think it matches the signs a lot more than the previous colors

Mickey's Fun Wheel

Cozy Cone Motel food establishment

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree testing

Looks like a description sign for Luigi's Flying Tires posted on one of the perimeter rails. Also some tire topiaries along the building

Getting ready for the Cozy Cone Motel sign Oval shaped sign on the lower right corner states "100% refrigerated air"

The pavement in front of the Little Mermaid building curing

The lamp posts continue to go from the teal to the new green color

The other day I was told that the wave machine for California Screamin' was turned on. So today I go check it out.  All I saw were ripples.  I guess it should be called a ripple machine! ha ha

The new green colored rails against Screamin's blue rails.  I wonder if Screamin's will match the new green and brown or if it will stay with the blue and orange

Over at the soon to be Ghirardelli...

Tarps have been placed up

Radiator Springs

Lets throw some tires on top of the shed in the name of theming ;)

Elias & Company

Chip dancing to the music of the Pixar Pals as they head backstage

Their milkshake brings all the Guest to the yard, darn right it's better than yours, they can treat you, but they'll have to charge

Condor Flats lettering getting a fresh coating

Set up for Minnie's new show which will debut in Condor Flats next week

Monorail time...

Oh No They Di'n't!!

Why must they do this to me?  ha ha

Also note, the other side of the bridge has tarps on it as well.

Matterhorn refurbishment

Because of another engagement I have to attend to.. I must head out

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for your patience and for stopping by to check it out

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  1. It will be really cool to see all of this work completed. Disney is really doing a lot of work right now.

    Thanks for the photos, I love to see that perfectly clear Southern California sky.

  2. haha nice tarps on the monorail. maybe it's their way of punishing people who've been taking pictures and videos over the wall, MICECHAT.

  3. Thank you for the updates as always, they're great. Would it be possible since you go each week to put a note in your update on what is on the guide maps that week or what the code is in the bottom right corner of the maps? As a avid map collector (as a lot of people are), it would be awesome to know if they made a new map. It would be greatly appreciated.