Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day After One More Disney Day at the Disneyland Resort

Because of 2012 being a Leap Year, Disneyland stayed open for 24 hours from 6am on February 29 to 6am March 1.

I was planning on attending "One More Disney Day" from 3am-6am. But during the day and early evening there were reports that both Parks were busy in preparation of Disneyland staying open in the middle of the night.  Because Twitter was buzzing how crowded Disneyland was all throughout the night, I decided to stay home with the hopes that when I go to the Parks in the morning, it will be slow.

I thought the backside of the mountain range of Cars Land facing Harbor Blvd would have gotten the same kind of treatment of rock work finish like that facing Paradise Pier.  But I guess they don't need to impress the outside world.  ha ha ;)

It's just a little after 10am and it doesn't look to bad entering Disney California Adventure

Buena Vista Street work

Grizzly River Rapids under rehab

The extended boardwalk before the lift

Last Friday the walls in front of the Little Mermaid finally came down.

Paradise Pier stores

The scaffolding and walls have been removed. Overall it looks more pleasing to look at. Removing the big Jack-in-the-box was a smart move

Mickey's Fun Wheel -

Cozy Cone Motel food stations

Radiator Springs Courthouse

Smaller plants now being planted

Looks like the topiary that will be shaped like a cone has arrived

A new sign for the Paradise Pier shops, now entitled Boardwalk Bazaar

Looking down the main street of Cars Land

Blue Sky Cellar now presents Cars Land

Click Here to check out the Blue Sky Cellar - Road to Cars Land

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Elias & Company coming along

Looks like the tarps have finally been removed from the marquee of the Carthay Circle Theatre

Lamp posts adorn the perimeter of the fountain

Frame work for the bridge the Disneyland Monorail travels through

Peeking through a slat of the construction wall for Buena Vista Street

Some more detail tile work can be seen just behind the lamp post

The "street" has been walled off

Walt Disney Imagineer Ramesh from the Blue Sky Cellar Buena Vista Street video

Popsicle sticks between "A Bug's Land" and the path to Cars Land

A wall has been placed in front of the "Pump House"

More Buena Vista Street progress

Peaking through the wall again

Just need the Carthay Circle Marquee now :)

Disneyland time...

Tulips! One of my favorite flowers

Mr. John Storbeck and some guests

A picture scrim for the Bakery

Modern Family was filming today inside Disneyland

More of the Matterhorn being revealed

Some of the Modern Family stars

What great shoes I have!

Jay, what are you doing? What are you putting on my feet?"

I can't believe you're making me walk around in these!

The extras

Autopia got its cover back for its queue

Tomorrowland Train Station still closed for painting

With the Disneyland Monorail closed for refurbishment, just continued on my way around the Matterhorn

It looks like they killed off this vine to finally remove it.  I never did care for it as it grew against the mountain

Refreshment Corner reopened

New flooring has been placed

Heading out now

I hope you enjoyed today's pictorial
Thank you for your patience and stopping by to check it out

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  1. Great pictures, definitely NOT boring. Good stuff! Thanks.

  2. Matterhorn lookes so much better with the new pait job, even with just less than half uncovered. The snow looks a lot more realistic.

  3. No monorail-pics?

    1. The Monorail is under rehab until March 10.

  4. Thanks! Nice update with "Blue Sky Cellar"!! Saw the film on youtube, fantastic!. I feel a trip to L.A. coming up within a year or two :o)