Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brick by Brick with Three Months to Go

Three months and counting until June 15, 2012 for Disney California Adventure's relaunch

With crowds starting to appear, trying to get to the Parks early today.

More new signage welcoming Guests from the hotel shuttle service stops

Making my way inside Disney California Adventure

Mickey's Fun Wheel -

No Mickey to conduct a band today. Therefor the Silly Symphony Swings is not in operation

Cozy Cone Motel with traffic cones as lamp shades

Selected Cast Members are getting ready to test Luigi's Flying Tires

Looking at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Cast Members seated in their flying tires

One can see the pathway from "a bug's land" to Cars Land

More LED lights on the roof of the courthouse for the rockwork

To the right of the tarp, the top portion of Sarge's Surplus Hut neon sign

Another look at the pathway between "a bug's land" and Cars Land

Lights appear

Transformers were recently installed on the lamp posts of Cars Land

Looking over at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

The newest palm trees next to the Theatre..far from dead.  The ones on the left did the same thing when they were planted

Carthay Circle Theatre with roof tiles

Close up of the tiles

More palm trees were recently added around Carthay Circle Theatre. A different type of palm on each side of the entrance

Carthay Circle Theatre marquee

Elias & Co

The Disneyland Monorail bridge getting its trasformation

Looking down towards Hollywood Land

Detail work on Buena Vista Street

More detail work for Buena Vista Street

The taps came down from the Cahuenga Building

And tarps went up on Monster's Inc. Mike and Sully to the Rescue

Back on Buena Vista Street.  Real bricks are being used! No brick paneling

Are those Minnie's unmentionables hanging atop the tower?!

No, it's just a new red with white polka dots wind flag

Minnie in a new costume for Minnie's Fly Girls Charter Airlines

Grizzly with a steady wait

A couple of rafts were still being tested with water dummies

Trying to prevent the constant water leak from the underside of Grizzly's lift hill

While the front buildings of Grizzly River Run were touched up, this one on the back side still looks aged

Buena Vista Street progress

New and old shades at Disney California Adventure entrance

Monorail crossing the bridge

Oswald's getting painted up


Half of the tarps from the Bakers have been removed

Matterhorn looking lovely as ever

Close up!

The backside of received more snow. The snow is also running down the mountain.

Taking a ride aboard the Disneyland Monorail

Buena Vista Street

Matterhorn station

New rocks have been installed above the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage waterfall rock work

Buena Vista Street's entrance taking shape

The Red Car Trolley station stop on the left.   The base looks to be for the flag pole

Taking a look at the new rock work.  It's for lights that are aimed at the Matterhorn mountain

Even from ground level they did a good job of concealing them

Jolly Holiday Bakery sure is a popular spot for suit Cast Members to eat lunch. Just wish if they were going to be "on stage" that they remove their name tags.

The president of Disneyland, George Kalogridis eating

Heading out now...

Looking over at Disney California Adventure's entrance to Buena Vista Street

Looks good!

Buena Vista Street turning out nice

Some more detail work

Heading out of the resort

Thank you for your patience with the photos
And thanks for stopping by and taking a look

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  1. Hey can you take pictures from the Hyperion theater again, they offered great views of

    1. When I go it tends to be "dark" on Thursdays. Only during peak season when they do it 7 days a week would I be able to get a chance.

      Going on another day when Aladdin is playing can be difficult for me

  2. Thanks for the great photos! I love the weekly updates.

  3. About the "suits" eating in the park: I really don't mind if they choose to have lunch on stage. It shows that they are experiencing the park and becoming familiar with it. How can people complain that the TDA "suits" don't go into the park enough, then complain that they need to take their name tags off when experiencing the park?!

    1. I have no problem with suits walking the park or experiencing what Disney has to offer so they can get familiar. But I am just thinking from the Disney standards point of view that Cast Members shouldn't eat "on stage". Ideally the Cast Members (suits in this manner) shouldn't take seats from the paying Guest.

      If there were no name tags on them, Guests will still see their suits, and may wonder who they are. I'll be the first thing they may look for is a name tag. But if there were no name tags displayed, it would be anybody's guess on who they are.

    2. I agree with Mint on this. It is great to see executives in the parks, either working in the parks (business casual, nametag on) or experiencing it as a guest (regular clothes, no nametag or ID shown).

      But they are two separate ways of being in the park. When you are working, you follow all policies set forth for being onstage, and they are the same whether you are wearing business casual or wearing a costume. If you are "on lunch", then you are not working and you can be in the park as a guest during the period you are off the clock IF you are not in a costume, and that means removing your nametag.

      Sitting, eating, drinking, or using a non-company electronic device in an onstage area while in costume or on the clock is a serious breach of policy that can lead to termination for all Cast Members, and executives are not above it. It's not the end of the world, but it is clearly against the rules.

  4. Wow! Such an exciting time for Buena Vista Street and DCA as we can really see it take shape. The palm trees are already tying everything together beautifully. That also looks like nice new work on the Matterhorn! Thanks again for your quality updates.

  5. Hooray for real bricks.

  6. Great post, love to see things coming together. Can you take some more photos of the Matterhorn queue building? I would love to build a 3D models of it. If you checkout my blog I'm currently building "The Plantatin House"

    Thanks again for all the updates. Having grown up in California and now living in Arizona this the only way I can get my Disneyland fix