Thursday, May 5, 2011

Works in Progress

Welcome to today's Disneyland Resort pictorial!

After going through the bag check

One of the half arches that will be displayed on top of the new entrance to Disney California Adventure

Once inside, checking out the Carthay Circle Theatre's construction progress

The information booth inside Disney California Adventure is now walled off in the name of progress

Signs display the store, bakery, and ice cream parlor is still open for business while construction work is being done just outside their doors.

The walls travel the length of the patio that used to be outside the bakery, ice cream parlor and store

Another look at the Carthay Circle Theatre

It was so quiet over here because a majority of Guests were going towards Condor Flats, possibly to get a World of Color Fast Pass

Looking at the Little Mermaid attraction

A new color scheme for the Seaside Souvenirs stand. Pink color trims and a wave pattern adorn the building. I have yet to understand this color pallet they have chosen.

What is going on here at the newly opened park?

Even the smoking section has been moved into an open area

Now it's time to head on to Mickey's Fun Wheel

For Goofy's Sky School, it looks like there will be wall separating the riders from the diners.  When it was Mulholland Madness, those who sat right next to the ride could see and hear the Guests as they ended their trip towards the station.

The building for Luigi's Flying Tires is getting some paint

One of the clouds with birds painted onto it

The top of the gazebo is now a sea foam color

Looking towards Goofy's Sky School entrance area

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree construction work continues

Corn Dog Castle

Another look at Seaside Souvenirs

Some vines can be seen growing at the wall that was recently installed over by the Hot Dog Hut

Hideous! Just hideous!  A shame this is so rarely fully lowered like it was meant to be

Trying to catch a glimpse of the Little Mermaid attraction sign

Checking out Cars Land from the Pacific Wharf dining area

Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar patio

Construction workers atop of the Carthay frame structure

Another look at the walled of Information Center booth

With the booth permanently closed, the Information Cast Member now has a little setup in front of the Zephyr train.

Heading out to Disneyland

"May I scan your ticket?"
Look at all those Survey Takers waiting to pounce on anyone they can!

- Disneyland -

This happens 2 days from now

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues posters with the relaunching date can see seen inside the entry tunnels to Disneyland

One of these windows is fake. Temporarily I would assume.

Star Tours

With the Star Tours Fast Pass Distribution sign near the entrance to the attraction, the Fast Pass machines located where the old Buzz Lightyear Fast Pass machines once were, I wonder how this will work out.

What if you enter here, work your way to the left and do a cross over to the old "exit" of Buzz's Fast Pass distribution area, grab your fast pass and then exit at the Buzz Lightyear marquee??

Could this be the Stand By sign?

Looking at the backside of the Star Tours Fast Pass Distribution sign

Riding the monorail to take a look at the Carthay Circle Theatre construction


Mary Poppins and Bert just casually walking through Fantasyland

Some themed netting along the construction wall at the little building that is being constructed next to the Mark Twain station

Plants inside the station area

A plank leads from the station, across the river, and reaches the island

Work being set up for the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Disneyland

Splash Mountain was sending logs through the moutain

As I am heading out for the day, I look across the way towards Disney California Adventure to see the Carthay

That concludes today's pictorial
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  1. Great update and pics! It looks like they took down the California sign and arch between the Information booth and the other building?

  2. Yep, as well as the whole shade structure.