Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ariel Fully Revealed

Today's is a big day for Disney California Adventure and those who have been watching the construction take place in Paradise Pier.  Today was the day the walls came down from The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure attraction building.

With the Toy Story Parking Lot closed, the time consuming Mickey and Friends Parking Structure wasn't going to work today, so it was easier to walk to the Resort

Heading into California Adventure

Once inside...

They are still working on the Carthay Circle Theatre. Just not as much visible work now as when the steel was going up

The area where the information booth and patio seating once was

So open and boring. But only for a few months!

The sign! The Sign!

Right after opening, there were several Guests snapping away, several Suits and a number of Cast Members in the area. Too much going on at that time for me, so...we are going to just skim by The Little Mermaid attraction for a moment.  But will return back to the building in a bit.

Goal is to go to Mickey's Fun Wheel first

The walls were down from Mermaid all the way to Corn Dog Castle

Looking back at the parade route

Corn Dog Castle
We will visit this a bit later too!

View near the Hot Dog Hut. If it weren't for the Disney Channel Rocks! stage and World of Color platform, I would have moved down a bit more to get a close to center shot as possible.

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Vehicle testing being done of Goofy's Sky School

Two "plane" vehicles in brake areas

Another look at the vehicles

Cars Land construction.
It looks like Luigi's Flying Tires is coming along

Back to restaurant view

Now back to Cars Land view

Brick work for Radiator Springs Curios can be seen


A nice little nook for those patrons of the Corn Dog Castle

Looking at the Corn Dog Castle

The menu for Corn Dog Castle.

Really looks out of place now....

Seaside Souvenirs store still closed as of this morning

A little "boardwalk" at the base of the store

The planter plates.  Looks great with the "seaweed" look

The queue.  Reminds me of sand at the beach with seashells

Water fountain

Great themed tile !

This reminds me of Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob

Looks like a phone box for the entrance of the attraction

Details are everywhere. The tops of the poles for the queue chains are round sea urchins

The sign!

The themed wait time sign

Looking at the tiles found on the floor underneath the rotunda

Looking towards the entrance of the queue

Entrance to the left and exit doors on the right

Hi there!

I have some time, so I am heading to Disneyland!

Checking out Star Tours Fast Pass is all the time I have.

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. Wonderful pictures of The Little Mermaid! Thank you for sharing these every week!

  2. THANK YOU! As someone who cannot be there regularly, these photo updates are so much fun!