Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What An Unusual View

It is a little after 7:20 when I am waken up by a strange noise.  As I lay in bed, I realize it is just a helicopter and think nothing of it.  But then my roommate mentions that there is a helicopter hovering above Disneyland. I look out the window and indeed see a helicopter.

I sprang from my bed to try and get some snapshots. Because I was still half asleep, I didn't have the camera on the right settings.

So here is the helicopter. If drops behind the hotels there

After some time, it lifts something up.

Why, it's an elephant! A Jungle Cruise elephant

The helicopter takes a short ride and appears to set it somewhere behind Disneyland.

After some investigation, I found out that an African bull elephant was removed from the Jungle Cruise, taken to the backside of Disneyland by helicopter (as seen from the pictures) and from there it will be moved to the Animation Shop.

Ah, the joys of living near Disneyland :)
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  1. definately an interesting view indeed! Thanks for sharing! I love your pictorals!!!