Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting into Place

With the Toy Story Parking Lot being used for Grad Night, my friend and I had to park over at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.  At first we thought Pumba would be open, as they did last year, but it was being used for Cast Member parking.

I forgot how time consuming parking at the structure can be. It took us about 35 minutes from the time we left our place to the time we got to the Tram stop at the parking structure.

Once we get through all that, we come across this!

Finally through bag check and heading into California Adventure

Some painting being done of the new entrance to Disney California Adventure

The Lockers / Lost and Found / Guest Relations building is now walled off

Something seems missing

The info booth it totally gone!

The rooftop of the patio sections gone

The walls along the east side of the Little Mermaid attraction building have been removed

Aw, How cute!

Looking at the plants

Posters over at Goofy's Sky School have been added

Finishing work on Seaside Souvenirs

Looking at the new signs

The billboards for Goofy's Sky School are three dimensional!

Cars Land construction

It seems that the only time the World of Color platform are submerged are on the days Disney Channel Rocks! does not perform (Mon/Tues)

For Pete Sake! Wear those short correctly

- Disneyland -

China Closet is getting some work done on the front

Some markings found, possibly for poles for parade viewing (?)

Star Tours with the walls removed

Oh yes!

Work it

Work it!
Show us that costume

Postcard handed out to us to promote the exhibit which starts May 13, 2011

When are they going to remove the World of Color signs at the bag checks?!

The last time I saw this view, the Maliboomer was still in operation

That will conclude today's pictorial
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  1. Another great update with excellent photos! Love seeing all the stuff going on around the parks. Miss the higher rez photos though. Cheers!