Monday, May 16, 2011

What If - Golden Zephyr Poster

January 25, 2011 - The Disney Parks Blog displayed and talked briefly about the debut of three new Disney California Adventure attractions.

California Screamin', Mickey's Fun Wheel, and Silly Symphony Swings from Paradise Pier were the first to receive the new artwork treatment.

And on May 16, 2011 The Disney Blog announced three new attraction posters for The Little Mermaid, Goofy's Sky School and Grizzly River Run.

So I thought I would try and emulate the styles of the previous Paradise Pier posters and do one of my own. The attraction I chose to create for a poster was the Golden Zephyr

I know I know, it's not perfect. After all, there are no people in the rockets! Maybe I will work on it more in the future and then update the progress. But in the end, this was just for me to see if I could be creative and for me to showcase my efforts.

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  1. Well that is just plain awesome. I really like how you incorporated a fair amount of color, which is my biggest issue with some of the other Paradise Pier posters. However, the more vibrant coloring of the recent Little Mermaid & Grizzly River Run posters make them much better in my opinion.

    Have any ideas for a Midway Mania poster?

  2. Really terrific poster! I love the feel of twilight around it!

  3. That is amazing. Very much in line with the other recently issued posters for DCA. I really think this is an underrated attraction - I love riding this.

  4. Are you from Cleveland, Ohio? - looks like the rocket ship ride from Euclid Beach park circa 1950s-1960s...the ride was built on the edge of the beach - the ships would extend out over the water (Lake Erie)...haven't been to Ca. Adventure yet...your poster brought back some great (childhood) memories - Thanks!