Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ring in the New Year, There's More Here to Uncover

Already less than a week into the new year and the next project to tackle among the whole California Adventure upgrade is the main entrance to the park.

The Toy Story buses were slow this morning at getting its Guests from the parking lot to the Main Entry Plaza.  Arrived at Toy Story Lot around 9:40 and got to the Entry Plaza at 10:00.  With it taking a bit longer than I had originally thought, there was already a demand to get into Disney California Adventure

Man, look at the line up to get into California Adventure!

The end of the line was almost underneath the monorail beam

I had to wait my turn to get a shot. At this time, it was a popular picture spot

Because the line was moving fast, I could not get a picture of the cool graphics on the wall.  I decided to get them on the way out, so they will appear further down on this page

Even though the line was long, it was very efficient. It only took 2 minutes from the time I got to the back of the line to get into the Park. That is a lot faster than most times when the lines stretched straight back from the entrance. Nice work Cast Members! Hopefully this works well every day

It looks like it was a lot easier to remove the letters from the map! There is no longer a Sunshine Plaza

Some of the parade route light poles have been removed

The Little Mermaid construction

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

What was once one has now become three.

Some mesh has appeared on one of the mountain peaks


Hmmm.. ..nope,the railing is still the same color

Duffy?  Where's Duffy?!  Ever Thursday he is always there, waving to those who pass by. And I wave back. I feel so alone

The speaker at the Little Mermaid Dome is exposed... again.

Playhouse Disney rotating sign has been removed

Getting ready for Disney Junior

With no parade, the walls have been pushed out further

The only lamp post in the area

Oh yeah, Grizzly River Rapids is down for refurbishment

Look at what will become the temporary entrance

Some painting is taking place in the geyser area

Since I am over here, I will go the the Blue Sky Cellar patio

Lines on the ground, could that be markers for the walls?

Removed a section of rooftop

Love it!

One of the turnstile gates was moved to make this "new" closure gate

Some of the "forgotten" Disney characters.
Pegleg Pete - Rival of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy
Oswald - Disney's animated character created for Universal before leaving and creating Mickey Mouse
Clarabelle Cow - Minnie Mouse's BFF. Often seen as both Horace's and Goofy's girlfriend
Horace Horsecollar - One of Mickey's Best Friends
Clara Cluck - Often times referred to as Daisy's BFF
Love it!

The Mouse on the far right, his name is Mortimer Mouse. The original name for Mickey before Lillian suggested the name change to Mickey.

Mortimer was in competition for Minnie Mouse in Mickey's Rival.

Even the Big Bad Wolf is helping out with building

I just hope the entrance isn't made out of sticks or straw


The Fire Department getting a paint job

New hanging plants adorn the street of Main Street

Once again the attractions at the entrance of Tomorrowland, Buzz (technical difficulties?) and Star Tours, down

On the monorail, trying to get a snapshot of the construction

Now, heading the other way

Whoa! Really?

75 minutes

Village Haus finishing up on their preparation for a bigger menu

Mansion looking bare from its holiday trimmings

Looks like Dumbo with a mustache

For Valentines Day

And for St. Patrick's Day

Heading out now

Thank you for taking the time to check out the pictures
I hope you enjoyed them

Until next time...


  1. How were the crowds?

  2. I think someone's funnin' us with "Pluto' stools."
    Those wacky Imagineers!

  3. I know it's just construction wall, but seeing Oswald there really brought a smile to my face