Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crowds Go Bye-Bye

What a gorgeous warm day it turned out to be.  The weather got to be close to 80ยบ which made it for a nice day at the Disneyland Resort.  Because of other commitments taking place with my friend, we decided on walking to the Resort.

These were an improvement for the marquee at first, when they dressed up a rather bland entry way. But now with the whole "Celebrate" over, I am ready for these decorations to be taken down. In fact, I am ready for this whole marquee to be gone.  Word floating around was this marquee could be on borrowed time now, as it may soon be torn down.  That could explain why it still has the "Celebrate Today!" slogan up..

We got the the Resort a little after 10am and there was no wait to get into Disney California Adventure.  Of course, as we pass the bag inspection, I over hear some people on their cellphone about meeting up in front of the "Letters". They would soon find out the truth as they continue to walk

Construction equipment here...

and turn around and you see construction equipment there!

Elias - Possibly referencing to Walt Disney's Father, Elias Disney, which was also Walt's middle name.
The address of the shop is also the same address as The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank California

Oswald with his own gas station

A-hyuck, gwarsh

Soon we will get to ride on

Clarabelle not only has a yogurt stand in Mickey's ToonTown, but she will have an ice cream store in Buena Vista Street

The one, the only, Mickey Mouse!

Hmm.. are they going to sell ham sandwiches?

The park looked totally empty

It's like no one is here!

Mermaid scaffolding from this wall is completely down

Even here, there is hardly anyone in the area. Nice to not see the tacky Disney Channel Rocks stage in the Park

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Some new supports for the new covering

Finally!  More progress where Maliboomer was

Looks like with the parade route torn up right now, this is as far offstage as they can get the Disney Channel Rocks stage for now

The dead end just past the Fun Wheel

Some new merchandise

New Paradise Pier design

A rare sight lately!  Little wait for Midway Mania

With the walls pushed out, a temporary gate was placed so that the Disney Channel Rocks! can get in and out of

Hardly anyone over in this area

Possibly some primer going on the former Mulholland Madness?

No longer featuring the Magic of Brother Bear on the marquee

Painting continues at Grizzly River Run

Out with the individual yellow seats from old tractors, in with benches made from recycled materials!

On the way to Disneyland...

More crowds here, to no surprise

Couple views from the Monorail

Lot of black running down from the clock face. Possibly from them trying to fix the motion?

The "official" new Village Haus menu

Christmas is gone from New Orleans Square, but looks like they have added some decorations for Mardi Gras

This guy scares me

Small head with big feet, creepy.

Getting ready to tear up this section of Main St around the Hub

Snow is removed from Sleeping Beauty Castle

Heading out, walked along Harbor Blvd...

From the backside...

That will conclude today's pictorial
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look

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  1. Thanks for the nice update, I enjoy your weekly pictures.


  2. Thanks for the pictures, always fun to see the progress going on in the parks! Couple things, though. The Studios are at 500 S. Buena Vista in Burbank, not 2750 as on the Elias Bros. banner. That address seems to be exclusive to the Buena Vista Street in DCA. Also, I see not only primer, but new blue paint in your picture of Mulholland Madness' Makeover!

  3. Wow there's been alot going on since we were there in August for sure! Thanks for the great pics!