Friday, January 14, 2011

Pixar Pals Featuring The Incredibles - The Heroes of Tomorrow

Today I went to check out the new Pixar Pals featuring The Incredibles at Disney California Adventure.

Upon entering the gates, they had these fliers displaying the times and where the show can be found.
Because I got to the Disney California Adventure early enough, I was able to catch the first showing

Setting up for the show. Since this was the first time, the Cast Members were unsure how far back Guests were to stand. Because this needed more room, the boundary tape was pushed back, which made it parallel with the corner of Engineer-Toys.  With Guests starting to line up along the tape, it created a bottleneck over by Engineer-Toys for those trying to get through to the rest of the Park.

At least the ElecTRONica board is themed during the Pixar Pals show

Duffy wants and eventually gets  to watch the show

For the first show, I decided to record it.

It turned out to be another warm day, reaching in the high 70's. With the sun and the heat, it didn't make for a pleasant viewing of the new show.  The video has some shaky moments due to me trying to block the sun.

I decided to wait for the next show so I can get pictures, but wouldn't you know it... the 12:00pm showing was cancelled due to "technical difficulties".  I wouldn't be surprised if the real was so that they can rethink and make quick adjustments on the show.

I was able to catch the next show which was at 1:00pm.  But this time, it was being shown at the end of Hollywood Blvd.  I don't know about anyone else, but I thought it worked better over here. It was shaded by the buildings and it seemed more of a personal experience than over at the "Sunshine Plaza".

Waiting for the Pixar Pals to begin

And here they come!

With Mrs. Incredible

Mr Incredible

and Fro-Zone

And now we need some heroes for training

Everyone strike a hero pose

With training comes safety.  So lets get some small exercise going

Now we need to stretch, and no one knows more about stretching than Mrs. Incredible

Now some air punches.

And a bit of running in place

"Give me five!
Well O.K. then"

Getting some weight lifting exercise training

"I don't think I can carry it much further"

"You can do it, you're almost there"

"Oh yeah, you're right! That wasn't so hard."
"Uh-huh.  See... I ...told you... it wasn't... too difficult"

Next we will practice our aiming by throwing bean bags at the bad guys... so

And then we are going to create a windstorm


Lift with your knees, not with your back
1..2..3.. lift!

"Oh sweetie, look at her lift that weight"

"But don't you worry, I know you can do it"

Aww.. you missed, but you gave him a scare and that's what we like

You are the first all-girl team to knock down the villain

Ok, everyone line up

Now, start running in place

Now we will face the other way and do the same thing

You have all qualified to be the heroes of tomorrow. Lets all create the superstar pose

Thank you for joining us today

And remember kids, eat your vegetables and listen to your teachers

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look
Until next time...

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  1. I'm impressed Disney acknowledged the Incredibles comics with Mezmerella on that villain float there