Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let the Memories Begin... with Walls and Construction!

What a great day to visit the Disneyland Resort.
Don't you think?

Well lets go...

Arriving at the Toy Story parking lot around 10:00am and they only had two rows of cars filled

Looking at an empty lot, which means that it's not busy

All the attractions closed for today

The Main Entry Plaza received new banners for Disney's new promotion "Let the Memories Begin".  I won't give it an "!" because I am not excited about it

Add some clouds and I would be reminded of "Year of a Million Dreams"

- Disney California Adventure -

My Disneyland Resort ticket

Heading towards Paradise Pier

The World of Color banners have been replaced with the Blue Sky Cellar ones

A new banner dealing with The Little Mermaid attraction

Speaking of the Little Mermaid attraction...

Screamin' was a walk-on. But I didn't have time for that, I had to go to Mickey's Fun Wheel first

A crane has appeared next to Goofy's Sky School

-Mickey's Fun Wheel-

Cars Land construction

Just above the edge of the "mountain" you may be able to catch the top part of "Willys Butte"

Looks like the frame for Goofy's Sky School sign is being set up

Luck-of-the-Irish Duffy

Whoa! These signs were not here when I first came through to Paradise Pier.
Some new signs to indicate where to go for the attraction(s) one may be looking for

Of course, I am sure a majority of Guests will not see these signs. So when they get to the construction walls over by the former Malliboomer area, they will look all confused.

Of course, the Disney California Adventure map also indicates about the temporary inaccessible area

The Animation Academy has a temporary entrance

Which can be found on the side of the building

The scrolling marquee states where to go for Animation Academy

As well as for Turtle Talk with Crush

To get to Turtle Talk, you have to go over by the Hollywood Pictures Backlot restrooms

And then through the side door, which is "backstage"

The diagram shows how it's laid out

Time to go over to Disneyland

- Disneyland -

Entering the gates to Disneyland..

Whoa! It looks like I could touch this wall

Soon pictures of strangers will be projected onto the Small World facade
Oh, and the clock tower face was working. Yay!

Painting taking place

Toon Town's City Hall is under tarps

Goofy being goofy

Over at the entrance to Critter Country, we find walls

The whole Critter Country area is under refurbishment

Time to head out

But instead of going back to Toy Story lot via bus, I decided to walk

That will conclude this pictorial.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
I really appreciate it.

Until next time...


  1. great update! thanks for sharing these photos with us!

  2. You bought a Disneyland Resort ticket? You might want to look into an annual pass :)
    Great update as always.

  3. thanks for sharing :)