Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Sky Cellar - The Little Mermaid and More

Today I went to Disney California Adventure to check out the updated Blue Sky Cellar which focused a lot on The Little Mermaid attraction which is set to open up in the coming months.

On the front patio, there is a map of Radiator Springs

One can match up to the construction site that is a yards away to the map and see how it will all be laid out

- Inside Blue Sky Cellar -

New posters for three of Paradise Pier's attractions

These posters remind me of a travel brochure ad

How the posters are drawn out and edited

Some concept art of Buena Vista Street

The Carolwood Toy & Hobby store is a tribute to the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, which was a live steam railroad in Walt Disney's Holmby Hills home

The FastPass machine design for Goofy's Sky School

The queue for Goofy's Sky School

The focus was a lot on the Little Mermaid attraction

These early track layout designs look awesome

In a shadow box, there was a display of Ursula and how one would see the scene from the attraction

Taking a look one last time before heading out

As one goes into the cellar, there are small screens in the wall displaying a rotation of different pictures.  Because the sun light is easily reflected off of them during certain times of the day, I had to angle myself as much as I could to reduce the amount of glare.

There's a little matter I forgot to mention.
Beware of hitchhiking Imagineers!

They have selected you

This looks like when your vehicle travels backwards down under the sea

I hope you enjoyed these pictures
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  1. Thanks Mint. This is the best photo update posted so far. Lots of closeups and maps. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos, it is much appreciated.

  2. Whoa boy! Do I feel indebted to you! This is awesome! Thank you sooo much!

  3. Wow that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing sooo much!

  4. Great update, Mint. Thanks for the taking the time to keep us updated on the latest and greatest.

  5. Absolutely fantastic update, Mint! Really enjoyed the close up shots. :)