Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No "Swimming" Today

The past couple of days the canopy on King Triton's Carousel was missing, but it was back in its place today. DOSH had their inspection early this morning, in hopes that the attraction would be able to open once it passed the inspection. Even though the carousel did pass the inspection, some small minor details were not yet finished. Since the carousel was ahead of schedule and technically is not suppose to open till May 22, it was decided to just spend this extra day and do some last minute touch-ups. All day, there was a painter on site painting the sea creatures, the railings and anything else that needed a touch up in the hopes that tomorrow, May 21, the carousel will open for Guests.

A Cast Member was staffed at the entrance all day today, letting Guests know that they will have to wait another day to ride under the sea.

 With some small differences in the actual buttons/indicators, one of the more noticable differences are the four monitors mounted on it for the security cameras. 

Another noticable change is the new "seaweed" that now dresses up the Cast Member console

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