Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Magic Always Takes Us Far Away

With it being a special day today, what better place to celebrate a birthday than at the Disneyland Resort

The small world boats getting packed up

2 Croc's ?

King Triton's Carousel not opened today? I for sure thought it would be

Palm Trees in a place where "California plays"

Construction pics

So it looks like I was right and the "entry point" was wrong. KTC is indeed open for Guests

The place where Cast Members park their cars. It looks like the parking lot is almost ready for paying Guests

All lines lead to the white tent

Word is that the Orange Stinger will close sooner than stated. July 14th seems to be the date being mentioned.

So long Dino Jack

Next week, walls should be going up in front of Golden Dreams. And in June, inside removale should be taking place.

Disneyland getting into the summer spirit with Memorial Day and Fourth of July

Astro Orbitor and it's new color scheme

Over in the Small World area, the light towers seem to have the confettii machines for the "Magical" fireworks show

And some sort of new light (?)

Replacement of the attachements that are underneath the monorail beam

Looks like they were able to get some more of the white cement areas placed in

Now hand santizers are being sold in the parks

This made me laugh

Some shots of the new Crocodile

Don't forget! 

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