Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Know Disney's California Adventure Is Busy When The Zypher Has A Queue

Lets take a look now and see how busy it is at the Disneyland Resort.
Once I parked on the top level of the Mickey and Friends parking struction at 12:30pm, I knew it was going to be busy. 

Stopped at Disney's California Adventure first, as I always like to do.

They already got the big banner going across the Golden Gate Bridge, although it does not start until next Friday.

Flags all along the Sunshine Plaza, welcoming you to the Festive

Different languages welcome you to the World Celebration of Disney's California Wine and Food Festivle
As you make your way towards the Winery, the banners change to grapes

Heading towards Paradise Pier, the new Mickey face is so... so... so in your face!

Looking back, I love how I can see Tower of Terror. It's so cool!

Some thought that there were lights along the border of the Mickey face, myself included. But it looks like they were just pieces to hold up a frame around Mickey's head

I got you. I got you on camera! I got you on Candid Camera now! If you didn't know that.

Progress on the viewing area

Just more construction work taking place

This must be the "holy bible" of the construction plans for the lagoon

Will these types of crowds be common after 2012?

The menu now has both regular and large size drinks printed on their menus at the Pizza Mow Mow place. I can never remember the full name or how it is spelled

Was this the actual inspiration for the Woody and Jessie western scene in "it's a small world" ?

A little bit of an unmasking on one of the stationary gondolas of the Fun Wheel, which easily shows Mickey Mouse face.

A day shot of a bundle of LEDs being used on the Fun Wheel. This could be an unused portion of a strand

The lights already in place and just need the "fish bowl" bulbs placed on them

Construction workers working on the lights and will continue with the next section

The next section being installed

Man, it sure is quite around here. Why? Oh! I know why... California Screamin' is down.

Looks serious if they have quite a number of important Cast Members on site

I am curious to see what is going on over there.

Looks like it deals with something that runs along the launch area of the coaster. This looks like it will take a while to Screamin' to get back up into operation. California Screamin' needs a nice refurbishment. Hopefully once World of Color or Mermaid opens, California Screamin' will get the maintenance attention it needs.

Looks like some more inspection going on
With the box being hollow and a small opening at the bottom, I wonder what this will eventually house.

Oh, I see another character face. Teeth showing like that.. must be Goofy.
The wind is helping a bit with uncovering some of the face and design to the gondolas. So far, we know that Mickey Mouse is on the stationary gondolas, Goofy is on the blue and Pluto is on the green. So I guess Orange will be Donald Duck.

Putting on the "fish bowl" bulbs on the LEDs. The guy on the top scaffolding looks to be placing some sort of adhesive to the bulbs and the other guy screws the bulbs in place.

The guy on the top scaffolding doing his part of placing the bulbs on. Good Job!

Some more work over by the Paradise Pier bridge

The San Fran restrooms

It may be easy being green, but it ain't easy being cheesey

Think Green, spend Green

Some merchandise celebrating the Blue Sky Cellar

Let's go see what Disneyland has to offer.

Looks like some work being done on the pond at Pixie Hallow

Some streamers from the Celebrate! A Street Party

Fairy Godmothers in training...

sprinkling fairy dust on their victims so they may come in and spend money in the boutique and come back at a later date to spend more money and become a Disney Diva

Even with the restaurants being busy mid afternoon, the Celebrate Barbecue still doesn't have any kind of demand. It's almost like a mini Disney's California Adventure when it first opened.

Is this the Celebration Barbecue Bouncer?!?

Bre'r Fox and Bre'r Bear chilling with their peeps

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