Thursday, April 9, 2009

All The Plans That Are Made Today, Come Your Way

Construction still continues at Disney's California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort while Guests look on. Some may say that it is "bad show", but others like watching all of it being built right in front of their eyes.
Lets take a look at all that is going on at the Disneyland Resort
Behind the Paradise Pier Hotel, a tram route is starting to take shape in the parking lot A Tram route used transport Guests from the Simba parking to the Esplanade where the Hotel Shuttles drop their Guests off. As it is now, Guests who park in the area have to walk to the Main Gate. It is quite a distance for Guests to walk, who just shelled $12 to park
Queues get long at the Ticket Booths. I have heard that when the queue wraps around the back side of the ticket booths, that is generally 60 minutes. o.O!
California Adventure enjoying a nice hefty crowd for the still popular High School Musical 3 Street shows. I never saw the High School Musical on television or in the theater, nor have I stayed to watch the shows presented at California Adventure. I am more interested in the Paradise Pier area right now with all the construction that is taking place
The uncompleted star burst with the words Paradise Pier above the California Screamin' loop looks a lot better than the Mickey Mouse head that was in its place.

Work continues on the World of Color Show

Mickey's face is finally starting to take shape on Mickey's Fun Wheel

King Triton's Carousel is receiving a nice paint job. Not only is it going to receive a fresh coat of paint, but it is also getting a clean tarp for its top. It will also receive security cameras and an elaborate control console for the ride operators.

The new Midway Games use game cards which eliminates cash handling from the Guest and Cast Members

Once these restrooms in the San Francisco area open, they are going to be the biggest restrooms in any Disney park and supposedly there are going to be 50 stalls because Disney is expecting between 9,000 - 10,000 Guests to be in this area once World of Color and The Little Mermaid are in full operation.

Blue Sky Cellar should be receiving a new exhibit in July because most of the stuff displayed currently will be open and fully operational come summer
Now it's time to head over to Disneyland and see how things are going on over there.

Mickey is looking quite blue. ;)

So are these people waiting to get a "front of the line" card? A refund because it's too busy at the park?
Unlike the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World which had to close it's gate for a while, it wasn't busy enough to warrent any kind of closing in the afternoon

Guests enjoy a nice lunch that is reasonably priced, unlike ....

The all-you-can-eat Celebration Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch. One reason why it may not be catching on is the price. It roughly comes to be about $37 with tax and gratuity per person. Years ago when it was just the Big Thunder Ranch dinning area, during the lunch and dinner rush, the place would get a huge demand and an actual line would form, reaching all the way down the road to the Village Haus.

Because there is also a character show staring Bullseye, Woody, and Jesse, Disney does not want anyone who hasn't paid the high price to step foot into the area to watch the show. So they are doing anything and everything to keep this place for those who have paid.
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