Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the Place For A Great Disney Feeling

Spring Break is Over, But it is Still Busy

Both sides open, but it's still jam packed. Looks like I will be walking to the Resort

Along with quite a number of people, it seemed to be faster to just skip the trams and just walk

Disney's California Food and Wine Festivel presented by Vanity Fair tent in place in the background. We will see it unobstructed in a bit

This is a close up shot of the demonstration platform with mirrors around it. 

A sign explaining what's going on

So if the banners that were in place last week weren't enough, they added more banners

Remember.. it's presented by Vanity Fair

Mickey's face without scaffolding. Looks really great! I can't wait to ride it

Looks like some more set up for tomorrows festivities

Another banner. You would think that would be it, but nope.
Some construction shots around the dry lagoon

Moving one of the platform panels

King Triton's Carousel of the Sea.  Apparently, along with the security cameras and paint job, it will be recieving one new decoration piece. An "elaborate" Ride Operator console. 

The "new" cleaned covered queue for the Fun Wheel.  I am not too dissapointed that it did not recieve  the enclosed queue like the models displayed. It would have been nice not only when it's hot and sunny, but also when it rains. 

Happy Mom's Day antenna topper

And a Cinderella stage coach one as well

Looks like water weights

Are we in Disney's Alaska Adventure?  Cause it reminds me of like an oil pipe line

More work under the Orange

This shot ...  these two structures line up pretty much perfectly.  When looking at this, I could only be reminded of the Pirates scene from "Remember... Dreams Come True" firework show at Disneyland.  Will it be another "shoot out" ??

The BIG one!

Work continues on the new restrooms of San Fran

With the missing piece, are they starting to tear down the current one bit by bit now?

Some side panelling

As I head out of Disney's California Adventure, I turn and snap a shot of the tent with no obstructions.

Crossing the plaza

Looks like more filming during the 7pm performance of Celebrate! A Street Party. 

Where the media people go. I guess Disney needs to advertise this "parade" because maybe the Guest reviews aren't really doing so great?

Working on Astro Orbitor

What if it turned out to be something like this ^

Soon this portion of the Buzz queue may be recieve the new square pavement that the majority of Tomorrowland recieved not too long ago

Strange cover design for the barriers

For a describtion of what may be happening for the Cosmic Waves, check out the blog below this one (April 21, 2009)

What is under this tarp?

Looks like some new brake pads, compared to the ones with just the circles on them

Some more walls

Goofy's shade has been retracted since it was nice and cool today

I guess this is a tribute to the old Tinker Bell toy shoppe.  Kind of weird having two older gentlemen at the entrance of a place designed for girls. 

Please Please PLEASE come in and visit. 

I am guessing that since there are no more long lines at the moment for tickets, there is no need to place the big ad for the prices. So now it's time to put up the AP ad

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  1. Great photos as always, Mint. And what great scenery on your walk to the park :)