Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Name, Same Design (for the most part)

April 28, the sign for Mickey's Fun Wheel was placed. As you can see, it looks nothing like the concept art for the sign. 

The new sign is similar to what it has replaced. 

New features at the entrance of the Fun Wheel are the signs indicating one for swinging and one for stationary. 

My first opinion of the new sign - I like it, especially compared to what was there before. I do love the small Mickey face on the marquee. In all honesty, I was expecting a bit more. Each passing week, I was keeping an eye out for a vertical sign to be installed. But boy was I surprised was I walked past the Fun Wheel, only to a simple arch marquee. 

But will there be more to it?? Or is this all there is?? I am not sure right now. Supposedly the Fun Wheel is now scheduled to open on May 5th. So until the walls come down, I will wait for final judgment on whether I truly like the sign or not.

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