Monday, April 27, 2009

Came all the Way to Ride the Golden Zephyr and It's Closed?!?

The other day, the Golden Zypher at Disney's California Adventure was closed all day. A shocker, I know. But why was it closed??

Was it because of winds? Did it have anything to do with the construction in the bay? Did something break? Was it going to be dismantled? 

Actually it was the gear box at the top of the attraction that was the culprit. I don't know anything about the specifics of the mechanics of the attraction. But over time, the gear box became a bit elongated, so Disney's Facility Cast Members got to work on having a new gear box graded.

In order not to create further damage, it was decided not to have the attraction open until the problem was resolved. Bravo on that decision.


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