Thursday, August 16, 2012

Princesses Evicted !

It's time for another weekly trip to the Disneyland Resort

But first, a warning:

Now that we have acknowledged that,

First stop, Disney California Adventure

Calvin looks a bit confused

That's a really big Butte!

Luigi's line seems to be inside the building

As I mentioned in a Twitter post on Monday, Luigi's Flying Tires no longer have the beach balls

I almost gagged when I sniffed the Turkey Leg air freshner

Halloween products making their way into the Five and Dime

Calvin and Molly

Disneyland time

Carnation Plaza Gardens transformation into Princess Fantasy Faire

Princes Royal Walk is temporarily at the Small World mall

hmm... wait 75 minutes to meet Disney Princesses or wait a bit less for Luigi's Flying Tires

Looks like silk flowers simply glued on

What a boring unthemed queue ;) ha ha

The Princesses have been evicted from their wonder bra tent home and placed out in the Small World mall

No baked potato for you!

Single Rider to the left, handicapped to the right

Me fitting like a glove inside the bobsled

Nice quiet area until it is overrun by Jack Sparrow and his Pirate Crew this Sept.

Hatbox Ghost image on a Halloween shirt

That will conclude today's pictorial

Thanks for checking it out

Until Next Time...

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that the beach balls are gone.

    You just have to know how to fly the tire. Its NOT hard. You really do have to LEAN in the direction that you want to travel. if you do it right, you can really get moving FAST,

    Its easier if you are a single rider.