Friday, August 31, 2012

Late Thursday Afternoon Trip to the Disneyland Resort

Tried to leave early from work, but couldn't.  When I finally did leave, I was debating on whether to go or not.

Obviously I decided to go. ha ha

Walking past the 15 min lot. Next week, this will close down for a few days as they reconfigure it. No longer will there be parking stalls.  There will be three through lanes with the middle lane used for Taxis

Can you believe it.. today I will not be going into Disney California Adventure first

Lets grab out ticket and head inside Disneyland

Once again, it's Movie Night at the Lincoln Theater

Princess Fantasy Fair construction

Over at the Village Haus

New menu monitors, just like at the Tomorrowland Terrace

I guess they wear these vests when they bring the carts in the back, so the Guests can see them easily and move out of the way

Is this a new Churror cart design?  Because wasn't this the area where they had the frozen lemonade stand?

Filler shot

Leaving Disneyland and heading over to California Adventure

The second Pixar Parade of the day

Officer Calvin enjoying the Pixar Play Parade as well

Everything was fine and dandy until the Incredibles unit got to me.  I, along with my camera, got a straight shot of water from the arms. I had totally forgotten about the water from this unit, otherwise I would have been prepared.  I cried a little inside cause I wasn't sure if my camera was damaged or not.

My camera seems fine. Still a little upset and angry.

The line was so short, they only did a straight shot through the back side of the building instead of the switchback

Notice what's missing from Fillmore's ?

The beads

The projection of the top bubbles have finally reappeared after being gone for quite some time

Ariel is now framed in seaweed.

I am guessing this is to hide the side view of her new hair

Pacific Wharf signage back

Whoa! 55 minutes! I think that's the shortest I have seen it

This bag has little LED lights embedded

While riding back to the Toy Story Parking Lot... seeing Woody's face like this sort of freaked me out

That will conclude today's pictorial

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  1. Yeah, I was there on Thursday as well. Now that kids are back in school, the lines are much shorter in the parks.

  2. The churro cart in Frontierland is new. Well, it's actually an older cart that was brought in because the previous one was called in. It's a terrible cart functionally. The churros come out harder, break very often, and often get jammed in there quite easily. I suggest getting a churro elsewhere.

  3. Sorry about your camera.

    Woody: "Soon"